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Chihiro vs. Genichi Sojo Begins – Kagurabachi Chapter 8


In Kagurabachi’s eight chapter, titled, “Norisaku Madoka: I Will Change,” we learned some information about the sorcerer who Chihiro battled back in the fourth chapter, whose name is Norisaku Madoka. We learned that people call him “Daruma” because can blast away any enemy with his homemade daruma. According to him, he was a sorcerer who had never tasted defeat until his loss against Chihiro. After Mr. Shiba had interrogated him, the former told him to start a new life and that there was still time to change.

   We then moved to a later date in time, where Daruma called his sister, apologizing for all the trouble he had caused her and their family while being a sorcerer. The two then agreed to meet up with their mother to deliver another apology. However, when Daruma’s sister arrived to pick him up, he got in the passenger’s seat only to see his sister’s bloody body. He was then pierced through the cut from the backseat with a sword, his attacker being none other than Genichi Sojo, the man he once worked for.


   “These deaths are the cost of not finishing your work!” Sojo said.


   Daruma quickly came to the conclusion that Sojo saying this must have meant that his mother also suffered the same fate as his sister. As a last ditch effort, Daruma attempted to blow up himself, Sojo and the entire car, but Sojo managed to escape.

   Later, Sojo met up with a man who wanted Chihiro dead, though Sojo made quick work of him too.

   We then re-entered the present day, where Sojo appeared at the cafe that Chihiro, Hinao and Char were at. Chihiro and Sojo immediately clashed their blades together, Chihiro with his father’s seventh enchanted blade and Sojo with Cloud Gouger.

   The chapter ended with the battle ramping up even further, both fighters ready to do whatever it takes to come out victorious.


   “You’re Sojo, huh?” Chihiro said. “Is your sword stained with the blood of evildoers?”

   “That doesn’t interest me,” Sojo replied.

   “Then you have no business wielding it.”

   “Yes, that’s good! Bring it on!”

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