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Sasuke’s Sacrifice & Boruto’s Return – Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5


Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’s fifth chapter released on Wednesday, December 20th, 2023, titled, “Target,” which opened up in a flashback to one year following Eida activating her Omnipotence technique that turned Boruto’s life upside down. We saw Boruto training with his master, Sasuke Uchiha, where the latter mentioned that, over the last year, he had taught Boruto almost every move and method he knew. He told Boruto that he’s talented and is a quick learner, going on to say that there isn’t much left for him to learn. Despite that, Sasuke told Boruto that his training wasn’t yet over and that he had to keep practicing, honing his moves and mind.

   “You’re a lot like Naruto,” Sasuke said. “You have the same determination in your eyes. He once led me back onto the right path after I’d strayed. It no longer matters to me who you really are. I finally think I understand why Sarada asked me to help you. Something is going on, something that only you and Sarada can deal with. That’s what my gut is telling me. And that’s why I mentored you.”

   We then moved forward a bit to a battle with Boruto and Sasuke on one side, Code and his Claw Grimes on the other; Sasuke had just cut out Code’s eye. Sasuke told Boruto to retreat, claiming that there was no way they could defeat Code at that present moment. He told Boruto to escape and survive at all costs, building on the skills hammered into him. He went on to say that, if Boruto could do that, there wouldn’t be anybody able to stop him. His last message to Boruto was to watch over Sarada for him before charging headfirst into the sea of Claw Grimes. A bit later, the aftermath of the battle was revealed: Sasuke had been defeated, entrapped inside of a tree, just as we had seen at the end of Chapter Four. He still had his sword in hand. That’s when Boruto took hold of the sword, telling Sasuke that he could handle everything from there.

   Back in the present, it was revealed that Moegi, Konohamaru Sarutobi’s childhood friend, had been entrapped in a tree, as well. We then cut over to the “Divine Trees,” where some of their names were revealed: Matsuri (who resembled Moegi), Jura (whose resemblance is still unknown), Hidari (who resembled Sasuke Uchiha), and the Bug-resembling “Divine Tree” (whose named was not stated). Jura claimed that, while they are still a single existence known as the Divine Tree, they are experiencing an unprecedented state, in which they each possess an independent consciousness. However, no major changes were made to their goal of devouring Boruto and Kawaki and evolving into their final forms.

   Jura then told his companions that an instinctual desire to devour Naruto Uzumaki had significantly overcome him, which left Eida, who was listening in on the conversation thanks to her Senrigan eye, shocked. Jura told the others to give in to their instincts and, in due time, their personal targets should come to them. Matsuri declared that she “might wanna eat” Konohamaru. After surprisingly realizing that Eida was watching their conversation via her Senrigan, the Bug-resembling Divine Tree declared her to be his target. In addition to this, Hidari claimed his target to be Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada Uchiha.

   Moving over to the Hidden Leaf Village, Kakei Sumire and Amado discussed Boruto’s return to the village to stop Code and, despite this, the village was still targeting Boruto. Amado seemed pretty nonchalant about the entire situation, which Sumire brought to light, reminding him that it would be problematic if Boruto were killed due to Amado wanting him back to revive his daughter, Akebi. Amado went on to say that, in regards to Kawaki, he also has a Karma Seal and his body is scientifically modified, though nobody seems to know who modified him or when, despite him being the Hokage’s son.

   Amado came to the conclusion that he had to have been the one to make those modifications to Kawaki’s body. He compared it to an artist leaving their mark on a piece that they create. A “scientist’s habit.” He claimed it was also the same with Kawaki’s Karma Seal. He could tell whether or not it’s a true, genuine Seal or one that he reconstructed and, for some odd reason, the reconstructed Seal containing Akebi’s genetic data is on Kawaki’s palm when, in his mind, it should be on Boruto’s. He then came to the conclusion that, from the physical evidence that he’s gathered, the only possible explanation to these phenomena is that his memory has been altered. He went on to say that he didn’t know who tampered with his mind, but his only priority is the Karma Seal containing his daughter’s data and that it’s Kawaki who possesses it, not Boruto. To cap off the scene, we cut over to the current Hokage, Shikamaru Nara and Sai Yamanaka, who were listening in on Amado and Sumire’s discussion.

   In the final pages of the chapter, Sarada and Sumire spoke outside, Sarada questioning how the village can still deny that Boruto is Naruto’s son when there’s proof of a family photo of the two, along with Hinata and Himawari Uzumaki. Sumire told her that most people will believe their memory over any physical evidence, which Sarada questioned because her father decided to trust her when she asked him to protect Boruto three years prior. That’s when Boruto appeared behind the two.


“Old Man Sasuke, or rather, Master Sasuke believed in me,” Boruto said. “While still doubting his memory, he risked his life to save mine. For you, Sarada.”


   To close out the chapter, Boruto and Sarada embraced one another, the former apologizing for being late and that he’s home now. Chapter 6 drops Thursday, January 18th, 2024.

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