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Himawari’s Hidden Power – Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 8


Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’s eight chapter, titled, “It Doesn’t Matter,” officially released on March 20th, 2024, showcasing Jura, one of the newly awakened Ten Tails, on the cover. The chapter began with Eida using her Senrigan to oversee the conversation between Boruto and Mitsuki following the two’s fight, where Boruto told the latter to find him if he insisted on needing a sun.

   It was then that Kawaki and Delta approached her, the former telling her to quit standing around and to track Mitsuki down before Boruto escapes. Eida was able to locate Mitsuki’s location, prompting Kawaki into action in search of Boruto, bringing Delta along. As the two flew, Delta warned Kawaki that the moment Eida tires of him, she’d personally kill him. Kawaki went on to say that, once all his goals have been achieved, he’d gladly go away on his own.

   Switching over to Boruto and Shikamaru, we saw them engaging in a telepathic conversation, where Boruto claimed that, if he or Kawaki were devoured by Ten Tails, then a chakra fruit would be beared, resulting in the planet’s doom. We then learned that the awakened Ten Tails are using the chakra of those they’ve devoured, which is why the devoured continue to live. After Shikamaru asked Boruto how much of the current situation does he actually know, the latter didn’t answer.

   Ino Yamanaka then connected Kawaki and Shikamaru on a private line, where Kawaki informed the Hokage that he doesn’t have the luxury to allow Boruto to escape and that he’s closing in. However, Boruto vanished just as Kawaki and Delta arrived. The paneling and art in this scene conveys that Kawaki may be suspicious of Shikamaru helping Boruto, along with the fact that Boruto shouldn’t have been able to sense him coming, so there must have been a different factor that allowed Boruto to know he was coming.

   We then saw a conversation between Eida and Mitsuki, where Mitsuki claimed that he needed to first understand himself before searching for his sun. Eida took Mitsuki’s words into consideration, desiring to have a conversation with Boruto.

   We then saw as Jura and Hidari, two of the awakened Ten Tails, arrived in the Hidden Leaf Village in search of Naruto Uzumaki. After easily disposing of a handful of Chunin and Jonin, they arrived at a bookshop, though they didn’t have much time to look around because Kawaki and Delta intercepted them. Despite Kawaki’s efforts, he was easily subdued.

   Jura then claimed to have sensed Naruto, since Naruto was a jinchuriki bearing a biju and he himself is an incarnation of a fellow biju. However, when Jura and Hidari spotted the source of the biju chakra, it was Himawari Uzumaki, Naruto’s daughter, not Naruto himself, leaving Jura utterly perplexed. This plot twist is heavily indicating that Himawari has a hidden power within herself waiting to be unleashed.

   Chapter 9 drops April 18th, 2024!

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