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The Rakuza Ichi – Kagurabachi Chapter 7


Kagurabachi’s seventh chapter, titled, “Smoke Signal,” began with Chihiro carrying Char on his back after his battle from the previous chapter. Suddenly, a handful of individuals after the bounty on Chihiro and Char confronted them. Preparing to engage in combat, Chihiro reached for his katana when, unexpectedly, a man by the name of Azami appeared and made quick work of Chihiro’s attackers without the use of sorcery. We then learned that he is a member of the Kamunabi, people who work for the government, unlike civilian sorcerers, who deal with the Yakuza and corporations.

   Later, the three met up with Mr. Shiba and Hinao, where it was confirmed that Char would be staying with Chihiro for the time being. Azami then informed Mr. Shiba that the higher-ups of the Kamunabi wished to see him about the reason Genichi Sojo wants Chihiro and Char. Azami went on to say that not all the leaders of the Kamunabi know about Chihiro and the existence of his father’s seventh enchanted blade and that having them all at large is a big threat to the nation.

   The conversation then switched to what seems like a new story arc in the works. Azami told Chihiro that, one month from now, the big players in the underworld will hold their annual black market auction, the Rakuza Ichi, where Shinuchi, one of the enchanted blades, will be up for auction.

   We cut over to Genichi Sojo, where he was meeting with two other individuals who asked for his report.

   “Is this meeting really necessary?” Sojo asked. “Report? Everything’s going as planned. That’s all.”

   We then cut back over to Chihiro, where Azami told him that Sojo had been blacklisted by the Kamunabi for more than a decade, but, nonetheless, he’s still managed to operate in the underworld.

   “He’s so wily and powerful that we haven’t been able to do anything at all,” Azami said. “So you see, Chihiro, he’s out of your league.”

   Azami continued, saying that, since the murder of Chihiro’s father, the Hishaku had caused a few incidents, but nothing as bold as putting an enchanted blade on the table at one of the biggest underworld auctions.

   “They’re clearly plotting to start something with the enchanted blades,” Azami said to close out the chapter. “When they do, it’ll rock the nation. The auction goes down in one month. We have to do everything in our power to be ready.”

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