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Chihiro’s Retaliation – Kagurabachi Chapter 6


Kagurabachi’s sixth installation, titled, “Peace,” picked up right where we left off previously, with a group of individuals targeting Chihiro and Char in the middle of the street. The vast quantity of people charged at Chihiro while Char remained in the car, the former tearing through the pack with his elite swordsmanship. It turned out that the group of individuals were only clones of one sorcerer behind the attack, who had a few words for Chihiro. The man then revealed that Genichi Sojo had broadcasted information about Chihiro and Char and that he’d pay any price to anyone who would deliver them to him, which meant that the sorcerer after Chihiro and Char was just someone looking for some extra cash.

   Chihiro began to retreat with Char, but the sorcerer and his clones followed hot on his trails. After taking down more clones, the sorcerer told Chihiro that he had actually witnessed the powers of the enchanted blades in battle, claiming that they had the power to end that hell on earth. Chihiro quickly came to the conclusion that this meant the man had played a part in the war where his father had originally forged the enchanted blades.

   The clones began to attack and, suddenly, another sorcerer appeared and, using their sorcery, forced Chihiro to relive the day his father was killed. The trauma soon led to Chihiro’s defeat, him and Char being taken back to an abandoned warehouse.

   “My sorcery involves psychological induction,” the second sorcerer said. “I can track a person by their brain waves. And when I’m close enough, I can mess with them a bit, like just now, to call up their trauma.”

   “So,” the sorcerer who could clone himself interjected, a tight grip on Char. “This is the last surviving Kyonagi. Shall we eat her?”

   “Don’t be an idiot. We want the money. Besides, that business about eating the flesh of the Kyonagi Clan making you immortal is pure nonsense.”

   We then learned that Char’s entire clan had been almost completely wiped out and that Char has some kind of special abilities that Senichi Sojo wishes to make use of. Just as both sorcerers were about to take their leave, bringing Char along, Chihiro suddenly bounced to his feet with newfound determination and tore through both sorcerers and every clone in the warehouse, leaving blood and limbs scattered throughout.

   “So,” Chihiro said, turning to Char. “They’re after you because of your special physical powers. And you didn’t want to tell me because you were afraid I’d take advantage of them, right?”

   “Yeah,” Char confirmed.

   “But just then you were about to tell me cuz you thought you could trust me, right?”


   To close the chapter out, Char’s stomach began rumbling again, so Chihiro gave her some food that he had been saving for later, apologizing for everything that she had to go through.

   Chapter 7 drops Sunday, October 29th! Read for free on or

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