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The Sun & Moon – Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7


“I am the moon, hovering in the darkness,” is how Mitsuki opened up the seventh chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, titled, “The Whereabouts of the Sun.” Mitsuki went on to say that he has no light of his own to cast, which is why, due to Eida’s Omnipotence, he believes only Kawaki can illuminate him. Kawaki gives his life meaning.

   We then picked up where the previous chapter left off, with Mitsuki, in Sage Mode, charging towards Boruto, prepared to attack. After a barrage of shuriken from Boruto and snake attacks from Mitsuki, the former escaped to a nearby tree, telling the latter that he doesn’t stand a chance against him. Mitsuki then claimed that, because Kawaki isn’t anywhere nearby, he can allow himself to lose control and show his full power.

   Unleashing more snakes at Boruto, Mitsuki was then able to transform them into clones of himself. Boruto claimed that more numbers isn’t always the better choice and that it only destroys the environment. Mitsuki claimed that Boruto himself is the root of the problem and to die for the sake of the world. Boruto decided to quit messing around, drawing his katana and cutting through each snake clone. Mitsuki then sent a Lightning Style attack called Snake Lightning at Boruto, the latter using his own lightning attack called Thunderbolt to cancel it out. Boruto was then able to get close enough to Mitsuki to cut his head off, but halted right at the point of contact.

   Boruto told Mitsuki that he’s lost hope because his faith has shaken. At some point, Kawaki, the sun that had been illuminating him, lost its radiance. Boruto went on to say that he himself is Mitsuki’s sun, not Kawaki. Mitsuki wrapped Boruto with a snake, but, instead of escaping, something he could easily do, he remained where he was.


   “It’s natural to feel confused,” Boruto said. “Yet, you know it’s true. For you’re the only one who gets to decide what it takes to be your sun.”


   After being released by Mitsuki, Boruto confirmed that the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, along with his wife, Hinata Uzumaki, are still alive. Before leaving, he told Mitsuki that he’s perfectly capable of shining on his own, but, if he insists on needing a sun, then visit anytime.

   A bit later, Boruto and Shikamaru spoke via Ino connecting them telepathically. Boruto explained that trying to figure out how Eida’s Omnipotence works is useless and that Shikamaru will soon forget about it.


   “The very concept of Omnipotence won’t stick in your memory,” Boruto said. “Ever. It fades away over time. That’s part of its power.”


   He went on to say that there’s no way to reverse it themselves. Only Kawaki can undo it. Shikamaru then told Boruto that, if he has no intent to kill Kawaki, then he’d have to continue taking false blame for the “death” of Naruto and stay a fugitive. “Yeah, that’s fine,” Boruto replied. “I wasn’t expecting otherwise.” 

   We then switched over to the Awakened Divine Trees, where Jura claimed that, the more information he acquires, the more questions arise and that no book he reads holds the answers to his questions. To close out the chapter, he told his other Divine Tree companions that they’d pay a visit to Naruto Uzumaki to get his questions answered.

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