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Boruto’s Flying Raijin & Sasuke’s Fate – Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4


Boruto: Two Blue Vortex’s fourth chapter, being released on Monday, November 20th, titled, “The Awakening,” kicked off with Code looking down at the Ten Tails in a completely different dimension, recalling Boruto’s message to him from before: “But these ones are different, thanks to you enhancing them,” Boruto had said, in reference to Code’s Claw Grimes. “You need to scrap them while you still hold their reins, or else we’ll end up in the worst possible future for everyone.” Code then questioned how his Ten Tail creations could be such a threat when all they know is to devour.

   We then switched over to Boruto who, like he was doing at the end of the previous chapter, was weaving a hand sign while face-to-face with Kawaki, telling the toad on his shoulder to be quiet because he’s not as deft at “this” as his grandfather. What Boruto was referring to was the Flying Raijin Jutsu, an instant teleportation technique his grandfather, Minato Namikaze, was famous for utilizing. Boruto quickly made use of the jutsu and suddenly ended up right beside Code in the Ten Tails’ dimension, which left the latter bewildered. However, to the shock of the toad on Boruto’s shoulder, the Ten Tails was nowhere to be found. Just then, a creature resembling Code’s former companion, Bug (who was entrapped in a Divine Tree), appeared in the dimension, bearing two Rinnegans.

   “By ‘Bug,’ are you referring to that guy who’s become a tree behind us?” Boruto told Code. “Cuz that ain’t Bug. That creature in front of us is a Divine Tree.”

   Just then, the “Divine Tree” attacked Boruto, driving him back into a wall. “Have you come to offer yourself to be devoured, Boruto Otsutsuki?” the “Divine Tree asked. In response, Boruto weaved some hand signs and zapped it with a Lightning Style technique. The two fought for a bit before Boruto was able to get away, rescinding his Rasengan Uzuhiko from Code, telling him to prepare for enemy attack and that he’d better help out if he didn’t wish to die.

   “What happened to Ten Tails?” Code asked. “You say it’s related to Bug getting devoured and becoming a tree?”

   “Not just Bug,” Boruto replied. “This involves others, too. Everyone who’s been turned into a tree.”

   At that moment, another “Divine Tree” appeared, explaining that their original driving instinct was to suck the chakra out of all living things and form a chakra fruit. However, they were able to evolve thanks to Code awakening self-awareness in them. Two more “Divine Trees” showed up, one resembling Boruto’s master, Sasuke Uchiha.

   We then cut over to Kawaki speaking with the current Hokage, Shikamaru Nara, questioning how Boruto was able to get away. Kawaki stated that there’s a chance that Boruto and Code are linked. He then questioned if Boruto was working with somebody in the sensory unit, which Shikamaru quickly shut down. Sarada Uchiha then approached the two, claiming that Code attacked the Hidden Leaf Village and Boruto drove him away, simple as that. Kawaki claimed that Sarada didn’t get it and that Boruto is an Otsutsuki.

   “No matter his motives, he’s an enemy that needs to be killed, just for being Otsutsuki.” Sarada retorted by saying that’s ironic coming from Kawaki, an Otsutsuki himself. “Do I really have to say this again? I’m an Otsutsuki-killing Otsutsuki. My powers only exist to kill other Otsutsuki.” He went on to say that he would happily kill himself once his task of eliminating every other Otsutsuki is complete. Until then, however, he will do whatever it takes.

   “I won’t let you have your way in Konoha,” Sarada shot back. “As a shinobi who aims to become Hokage.” Sarada went on to say that there is no doubt that Boruto and Code have a hostile relationship and since the latter is a threat to the village, they should collaborate with Boruto to take him down.

   Over in the dimension that Boruto and Code were in, the former reached for his sword, preparing for battle. Him and the Sasuke-resembling “Divine Tree” exchanged blows, including a Chidori-Rasengan clash. The other creatures joined the fight, creating a disadvantage for Boruto. Code, after being asked for help from Boruto, decided to save his own skin and escaped through one of his Claw Marks. Boruto was caught on an Earth Style Jutsu by one of the “Divine Trees,” but he was able to vanish away, just narrowly avoiding death after the toad on his shoulder told him to get away.

   “So run where you will,” one of the creatures said. “But, no matter where you go, know that you can never escape your destiny.”

   We then switched over to Boruto, resting against a tree, looking down at the headband Sasuke had given him three years prior. Coming from behind the tree, the former Kara member Kashin Koji, a clone of the legendary Sannin, Jiraiya, rhetorically asked Boruto if he was trying to destroy the planet and to never be that rash again.

   “I’m not trying to console you,” Kashin Koji said. “But you knew there was a high chance of this happening. And it really doesn’t change anything. We still must fight.”

   To close the chapter, Boruto looked up at the tree behind him, telling Sasuke (who was entrapped by the tree) that he’d have to wait a bit longer, revealing that Sasuke had also fallen victim to Code’s Claw Grimes.

   Chapter 5 drops Wednesday, December 20th!

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