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Boruto’s Planetary Rasengan & the Return of Kashin Koji? – Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3

Himawari Uzumaki on the cover of Chapter 3.

“Rasengan Uzuhiko?” Code said as Boruto approached him.

   Code then slipped into one of his claw marks and attempted to strike Boruto from his blind side. However, the latter was able to easily counter the attack.

   “Take me to where Ten Tails is,” Boruto said. “If you refuse, you can die here.”

Boruto Uzumaki attacking Code with his new Rasengan, “Uzuhiko.”

   Code continued to wildly attack Boruto, but none of his strikes landed. This continued until Boruto finally delivered his Rasengan Uzuhiko attack, blowing Code back and leaving his face in agony.

   Boruto: Two Blue Vortex released its third chapter on October 19th, 2023, titled, “Uzuhiko,” written by Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. After a month of fans wondering what Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko was, it was revealed in this chapter, along with a face-to-face confrontation between Boruto and someone who he formerly called “brother” three years prior, Kawaki.

   After Boruto landed his attack on Code, we switched over to Eida and her little brother, Daemon, where the older sibling questioned how Boruto’s jutsu was different from any other Rasengan he used in the past. That’s when Daemon piped in with his own interpretation of the situation.

   “So Boruto’s the one making the ground tremble,” Daemon said. “Or rather, it’s the entire earth. This attack makes use of planetary spin.”

   We then cut back to Boruto and Code, where Code was having a tough time keeping his balance, eventually collapsing to the ground against his own will. It was then that Boruto explained the nature behind his new technique.

   “A Rasengan that incorporates a planet’s chakra, its rotation,” Boruto told Code. “That’s what Uzuhiko is. The power that is rushing through your body right now will never dissipate. Just like how a planet will never stop spinning. The damage will continue semi-permanently. Semi, because your life will run out before the planet stops spinning.” Boruto then went on to say that he’s capable of rescinding the technique, giving Code the ultimatum of either giving him the location of the Ten Tails or losing his life. “I think it’s a choice even a fool can make.”

   Kawaki then showed up and attacked Boruto, accompanied by Himawari and the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, the first time Boruto had laid eyes on his younger sister in three years. Suddenly, a Claw Grime appeared from one of Code’s claw marks, Code soon slipping into a claw mark on the back of the Claw Grime, escaping Boruto and Kawaki. Kawaki then sent Himawari and the Ino-Shika-Cho trio to finish off the remaining Claw Grimes, claiming that he had business with Boruto.

   “It’s been three years, eh?” Kawaki said. “What’s with your outfit? You an Uchiha Adoptee now?”

   “Your smack talk sure hasn’t changed,” Boruto replied. “But I’m glad to see Himawari looking well.”

   “Why are you here? If you’ve come to die at home, I’ll help you right here, right now.”

   “Dying in Konoha doesn’t sound bad, but not today.”

   It was then that a toad appeared from the collar of Boruto’s cloak, informing him that infiltration into the dimension that contains the Ten Tails had been accomplished and that Code had returned to base. Boruto then asked if there was any sign of the Ten Tails. We briefly switched over to Code and learned that there was another toad clinging to his hip, most likely placed there by Boruto during their battle. This toad was able to lay eyes on the Ten Tails near Code and, due to both toads sharing vision, this information was relayed back to Boruto. Based on this exchange, many fans have already considered the possibility of Kashin Koji being the one Boruto was communicating with or, at the very least, was the one who taught Boruto how to summon toads.

   “Confirmed,” the toad on Boruto’s collar said. “Ten Tails is there.”

   “Good,” Boruto said, weaving a hand sign to close out the chapter.

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