Game Review: Check out “Red Dead Redemption 2”


Eddie Drinkwine, Reporter

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action adventure game set during a dark time in the United States history, 1899, the end of wild west. The game, developed by Rockstar Games, follows Arthur Morgan, a gunslinging member of a fictional group of outlaws called the Van der linde Gang. This gang is being hunted down by the government, and most of the story follows how this affects Arthur. Instead of using the time period to define the game’s story, the developers use the setting as a backdrop to tell a story of family, and the inter-family feuds that take place.

The game is one of the biggest projects, if not the biggest, that Rockstar Games has created, and that’s a lot for the same company that created games such as Grand Theft Auto V. Its file size is about 99 GB, and took about 8 years to make. The game’s open world is twice the size of Red Dead Redemption’s map. The map covers 5 fictional states, each with its own wild life and physical geography. With a map this big, you would expect a lot to do, and there is. Not only do you have activities that let you continue through the main story, but also there are optional activities. Some will show you helping quirky characters in the land, like circus showmen, photographers, and more. Others will just be activities you can do to get money to buy useful tools, or just to learn more about the days of the old west.

This is one of the best games made in recent time. The game has a great story and extremely memorable characters, but the game isn’t flawless. You would think in a game the company has been developing for eight years, they would be able to improve the controls from their last game, Grand Theft Auto V, which released in 2013. The way you move your horse is clunky and can cause amusing, but also annoying crashes. The way to aim with your revolvers, or other weaponry is tight as well, making it feel like the player has very little control over where they aim. These can cause small annoyances, but don’t completely ruin the game.

In the end, I think that Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best games made in recent times. Despite unpolished controls, the game’s ability to tell a story of people on the run from not only the law, but time itself, truly makes this game an amazing accomplishment.