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Nicki Minaj’s song “Big Foot” aims at Megan Thee Stallion



   Released at the stroke of midnight on January 29th, Nicki Minaj released the song “Big Foot.” Minaj took shots at female rapper Megan Thee Stallion in her response to the “diss” that she made towards her husband, Kenneth Petty, on Megan’s new single “HISS,” which was released several days before on January 26. While some disliked the song, others took a liking to it.

  Jose Abrego Quinones, sophomore, said, “Yeah, I got more respect for her after she released the song. It showed her real side.”

   Many fans of Nicki Minaj (“Barbz”) have called this song “a turning point in female rap beef.” The song starts to immediately talk about Megan Thee Stallions’s past drinking problem. In many past videos, Megan can be seen drinking Hennessy straight through a straw. The song continues to aim directly at Megan and her life: “Swearing on your dead mother when you lie.” This line goes back to Megan’s dead mother, Holly, who died of a brain tumor in 2019. 

   “I feel like it was really good that she did it in under a day that she released that song and the meanings of her words, she did it directly and personally,” said Quinones.

   Then at the end of her verse, Minaj talks about “lying on your dead momma.” This may hit very close and personal to Megan and her fans. Some fans of Nicki and Megan were slightly disappointed and disturbed that another person would bring up someone’s dead parents. After the release of this song, Nicki Minaj could be seen liking tweets on Twitter about finding the location of Holly’s (Megan’s mother) grave sight. This outraged people who weren’t even Megan’s fans.

   “The fact that she brought up her dead mom is crazy,” said Zymera Fowler-Ray, sophomore. 

“It’s the fact she (Megan) didn’t even mention Nicki or Kenneth’s name. All she said was that y’all mad at Megan’s Law.” 

  This beef first started when Megan had said a specific line in her new single “HISS.” Megan had mentioned people being mad at Megan’s law. This law is a requirement by law enforcement to make information on sex offenders available to the public. Kenneth Petty (Nicki’s husband) is a registered sex offender. Many people and ex-Barbz had a change of feeling about Nicki Minaj after she defended her husband and after her song came out. 

   “I used to listen to her every day, but the moment she started to bring up people’s dead moms it was like now you’re being weird,” said Fowler-Ray. “I lost respect for her at that moment.”


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