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K-pop or not?


   K-pop is a very controversial topic with many judging people for liking it, but why the hate? Is it really as bad as people say it is? 

    “I think Kpop is ok, but I think fans go too far and fetishize the groups,” said Aaliyah Lee, sophomore.

 This commenter states the fans are the real problem, not the music. Some people do fetishize the performers, yes, but most of the fans actually appreciate the music for what it is.

   “I know people think that fans just like K-pop for the looks, but it is deeper than that,” said Morgan Posley, sophomore. “It’s the beat, the dancing, the vocals, the rapping, and the looks that tie it all together that makes K-pop what it is.” 

   Some people have a problem with the industry, how they treat the artists by making them starve themselves, and by how they have under-age groups go and dance in front of adults that objectify them. 

  After asking many people for their opinions on the actual music, there was only one statement that was made by an anonymous student who said their voices were too high-pitched, but that same student said they never actually listened to K-pop and just heard a little of the group BTS. The main problem so far is with the people and not the music. There are various different K-pop groups that are not just BTS. Try listening to the different groups and see for yourself which ones you like. 

     Another anonymous student said, “Many people say that the male idols look feminine because they wear makeup and earrings.” 

   This claim also has other problems. This has nothing to do with the performers themselves and more so with the person saying this statement. What do you have against certain types of people? This has nothing to do with their sexuality and more so with the camera. Everyone in front of a camera or under lights must wear makeup. If they were gay, it shouldn’t matter to you. Consider this fact: makeup was originally made for men in ancient times by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to show off their masculinity. It is just viewed now as feminine by society. Ultimately the decision to like K-pop or not should be made by you and not the opinions of others around you.

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