Movie review: A Quiet Place


Isabella Pumo, Opinion Editor

Most of the American population has heard of John Krasinski, who is known and loved as Jim Halpert from NBC’s sitcom The Office. More recently, Krasinski has taken on more serious roles, such as Jack Silva in Thirteen Hours, and has even directed his first film, A Quiet Place.

In  A Quiet Place, a family of four has to juggle communicating without sound, maintaining food sources, doing housework, all while trying to come into contact with people on the outside of things. To make things worse and to elevate the suspense, one of the characters is deaf, which adds a whole new element of silence to the film. In their world, if you make noise, you are hunted by relentless creatures who can’t see, but have impeccable hearing.

This movie’s screenplay was beautifully done, with many breathtaking nature scenes and earthly sounds that only add to the overall experience. The acting is nothing short of perfection, with every emotion, whisper, and drop of sweat seeming completely authentic. A Quiet Place is a must see.