Actor in the Spotlight: Blake Larys

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Actor in the Spotlight: Blake Larys

Riley DeBoer, Copy Editor

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The theatre department is home to many talented actors and actresses. These students are often a part of several productions over the course of their four years here, and the cast of the most recent production, Sister Act, is no exception. Blake Larys, senior, and one of the lead roles in the show, has been involved with Guilford theatre for as long as he has been a Viking.
“I would describe Blake as prepared, talented, and very smart,” said Mrs. Melissa Wolf, theater teacher and director of Sister Act. “He also is nice to almost everyone he meets.”
Since his freshman year, Larys has been involved in every theatre production at the school, starting with The Wiz and ending with Sister Act. In his sophomore year, he received his first lead role as the titular character in the play Tom Jones.
“The first GHS show I was in was The Wiz and it was an amazing experience,” said Larys. “It felt like I joined a large family and it made me realize that the theatre will always be one of my homes, no matter where life takes me.”
But Blake’s acting career began long before he came to Guilford. He began acting when he was eight years old because a friend of his was doing it and ended up having a ton of fun with it.
“My favorite show that I have ever done was The Little Mermaid in 6th grade,” said Larys. “I somehow got a lead role as Sebastian the crab among many high schoolers and being able to perform and be accepted by them made it a very memorable show.”
Acting is not the only thing here that Blake participates in. Larys also has AP classes, National Honors Society, and was a member of the varsity swim team. But Blake still manages to find time to be in the shows even with his busy schedule.
“Time management is really hard to do, especially since starting high school,” said Larys. “But I always take it day by day and go with what my priorities are.”
Despite all the time he has spent acting, Larys does not plan to continue it after high school. Instead, he plans to pursue a law degree at Loyola University.
“I loved sharing the stage with Blake for my last show,” said Evandia Penix, senior and costar in Sister Act. “He’s an amazing actor and an amazing friend. There is never a dull moment on stage with Blake. It was great.”