Mr. Michael Weeden: Science


Michael Skaggs

Mr. Weeden began his career wanting to coach.

    Mr. Michael Weeden is a new science teacher whose classes include Biology, Zoology, and Integrated Science II. 

   Mr. Weeden previously taught at Hononegah and various middle schools, covering a wide range of subjects. He taught art, different types of science, algebra, business, and technology. 

   “I have taught every subject known to man,” said Mr. Weeden “I taught business and technology when I was at Hononegah and taught Freshman Art and Ceramics.”

   But to be a teacher there should be a good reason, like any job or career you choose. Mr. Weeden had a change of heart when it came to his love for educating. 

   “I wanted to be a coach,” said Mr. Weeden “Then as I did more education classes, I started to like the idea of teaching. I could do without the grading, though.” 

   Accompanying any job you choose, for most of your life you should get some enjoyment out of it. Mr. Weeden’s joy comes from relationship building.

   “Demographics are the same as my old highschool,” said Mr. Weeden. “Building good relationships with students is a good experience. Plus, Zoology is fun and so is Biology.”

   Teachers go into subjects they like or where there are openings, but if they could choose which subject they would want to teach, there’s plenty of choices. Since teachers aren’t just a learning tool, they are also their own person with their own hobbies and interests outside of the subject they teach. 

   “I taught Chemistry and Biology and liked it,” said Mr. Weeden. “Horticulture was okay. Biology has really good stories. So overall Biology and Chemistry.”

   Mr. Weeden mainly likes to just sit back and relax on his off days outside of school. Or, as he says, “Hanging with people, being out with family and friends, going to Chicago or back to Milwaukee.”