Students gear up, create costumes for a spooky Halloween


Zada Doubek, 11, in her all-black fairy costume.

   Haunted houses. Candy. Decorations. Costumes, costumes, costumes! Guilford students are preparing for Halloween.

   Zada Doubek, junior, is dressing up and attending a party. She and her friends were planning on coordinating Winx Club costumes, but instead opted to go as fairies.

   “My friends and I were going to do the Winxs,” said Doubek. “But we thought it was too hard, so we just went with classic fairies.”

   Doubek not only opted to go as a fairy, but she also opted to make her costume, primarily, out of materials that she had on hand at home. Her wings came from the store, but the rest of the costume is made up of things she had on hand.

   “I like making them [costumes] because I feel like they look less cheap,” Doubek said.

Juniors Abigail Carlson and Lilly Wing dress for Halloween.

   Jake Marinelli, junior, doesn’t know what his costume will be yet. He does, however, know that he will not be making his own costume. 

   “I usually like to buy them because I am not that creative,” said Marinelli.

   While Marinelli is still undecided about his costume, he knows what he will be doing on Halloween.

   “I’m going to go to the biggest Halloween party you’ve ever been to,” said Marinelli, “with a maximum of 30 people.”

   Doubek revealed that she has similar plans.

   “I’m going to a Halloween party on the 30th,” said Doubek. “And then my friends and I are going to hang out and make food.”

   Of course, people other than Guilford students are celebrating Halloween. The holiday is incredibly popular around the world, and America is no exception. Roughly 65% of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday this year (Statista).

Rashad Hoel, 11, shows off his Hula dancer costume.

   Whether or not everyone is ready for Halloween, there are already predictions for the most popular costumes this year. In the top spot, are witch costumes (Google Frightgeist). Whether people are opting for a classic witch costume, or a more modern take, they will be determined on Halloween. Whichever costumes are worn, some will undoubtedly be chosen in the same manner as Marinelli intends to choose his.

   “I always choose my costume at the last minute,” said Marinelli, “because I run out of time.”