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Drivers Education: RPS vs. Drive Right

Illinois DMV Rockford

   Driver education is important, teaching students how to properly drive and stay safe as a new driver. RPS has a drivers education program typically for sophomores, which is cheaper than doing drivers education privately through Drive Right. It is required by law for new drivers to pass driver’s education, then drive on a permit for at least 50 hours and have multiple drives with your driving instructor before taking your drivers license test and earning the privilege to drive.

   “The course itself was not difficult, I learned the rules of the road and how to drive correctly,” said Kaden Crowley, junior.

   Crowley was unable to get drives through the school after completing his driver education class. Crowley claims he got zero drives with an instructor, even after searching for one after school on allocated days. Crowley was issued a refund by the school due to this inconvenience.

   Students who are unable to get drives and those who request refunds are entitled to compensation on a case-by-case basis reviewed by Mr. Gus Carter, school principal, and Ms. Nichole Pobjecky, finance tech. 

   Cashin Tokarz, sophomore, completed his drivers education through Drive Right, a private drivers education schooling company. Drive Right is not through RPS and is completed outside of school hours on a student’s own time.

   “The class wasn’t challenging at all,” said Tokarz. After the class portion of Drive Right, Tokarz had to complete his mandatory drives. “All I had to do was reach out and tell my instructor what days I was available, they scheduled the time.”

   The drivers education course instructor at Guilford, Mr. Jeff Rush, claims the drives are easy to get, with times posted on Google Classroom and instructors present after school hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and all day on Sundays.

   “Students have to realize that they have to take the initiative to get the drives set up and accept the times/dates that are out there,” said Mr. Rush.

   Mr. Rush recommends RPSs drivers education over Drive Right.

   “There is certain information that needs to be covered, which both accomplish,” said Mr. Rush. “The price is the only real difference.”

  Mr. Rush claims that there isn’t any difference between the content of either classes, both aim to meet state requirements for educating drivers in preparation for driving and their license exam.

   Conversely, Doug Loner, a course instructor for Drive Right claims either way you’re getting what you pay for.

   “Drive Right is a business and thus we must produce a good product to stay in business,” said Mr. Loner. “Our good product is satisfied students who easily qualify to pass their driving exam and hopefully, continue to drive safely.” 

   Mr. Loner explains that he is able to connect more with his students and tailor to their needs with the time they have in class and training drives.

   “We make our driving appointments convenient for both parents and students,” said Mr. Loner. “This of course comes with a higher cost, but since we have been in business for 49 years, it appears to be working.” 

   Mr. Loner believes that Drive Right has the incentive as a for profit business, and the additional commodity of one-on-one drives, to prepare students for their driving exam and stay safe on the road long after they’re licensed as a driver.

   “A good portion of the time, getting a student qualified to be presented to the DMV as a worthy candidate for licensure requires a bit of extra effort,” said Mr. Loner. “It is my opinion that Drive Right provides just that.”

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