Mrs. Kayla Osborn: English


   The Voyager welcomes Mrs. Kayla Osborn to the Guilford staff. Mrs. Osborn teaches English 10, 11 and 12 and Honors English 10. She is a Guilford alumna who graduated from our school in 2014.

   “I came here for the sense of community and I understand how it’s like to be a student as I have personally struggled before,” said Mrs. Osborn. “I’m a part of Wellness Wednesdays to help lighten the load and provide help for students in need.”

   Mrs. Osborn is happy to have returned to her alma mater and be one of the GHS staff.

   “I think that it is a great environment with positivity being constant between staff,” she said.

   Mrs. Osborn has found that the year is passing quickly. Regarding her Honors class, she reports that honors classes are not too hard; they just depend on students’ skill levels.

   COVID has made the year a challenge for Mrs. Osborn, who was sick herself with the disease. Her husband also fell ill with COVID.

   “It caused my husband to be hospitalized because of how bad it was,” she stated.

   Mrs. Osborn chose to enter the teaching profession for a variety of reasons.

   “I like visiting other worlds with reading and being able to express my thoughts on those worlds through writing,” she said. “It’s also because I believe students are losing their ability to be literate as they become dependent on technology.”

   Mrs. Osborn offered words of encouragement for students during this challenging year:

   “Be an advocate for yourself and reach out for help. Regardless of strength, reach out when in need. You are not alone, our job is to be here for you!”