Students personalize styles, search for latest fashion trends

   Fashion is always evolving. Trends come and go and eventually come back around to be popular once again. The denim jackets and bright colors of the ’80s have evolved to include the oversized jerseys and sweatsuits of the early ’00s. Guilford High School has lots of great fashion minds and people who push barriers and look good while doing it.

    “I feel like it is good that people are starting to find a good sense of style and care more about their appearance,” said Jordan Smith, senior.“ It has been fun to see it grow these past few months and seeing everyone go from sweats and gym shoes to khakis and converse.” 

Guilford is made of large diverse groups of friends who all come from different backgrounds. Each person has their own sense of fashion and incorporates it into their everyday style. 

   “When I decide my everyday fit I go for comfort over style,” said Smith. “But while aiming for that comfort I try to put it together nice and make it look as coordinated and nice as possible.”  When roaming the halls you can usually see Smith in sweatsuits and other relaxed attire, prioritizing comfort over all else, but he does not sacrifice style when doing so. Smith credits his brother for introducing him to fashion, saying he had a huge impact on his style.

Jordan Smith

   Junior Rachel Johnson has a distinct and unique fashion sense. She credits YouTuber Emma Chamberlain as well as her friends for influencing her style and how she chooses to put pieces together. 

    “Online shopping is an amazing alternative, especially today,” said Johnson. “It is easier to envision an outfit and shop around to find the perfect piece, instead of driving around to separate stores with a vague idea.”

Rachel Johson

   Since the coronavirus outbreak, online shopping has become increasingly popular due to the risk of COVID-19, as well as many stores closing down due to low revenue. Many stores are accommodating online shopping by offering sales and free shipping on any items. According to the Roanoke Times, Americans spent $77 billion on online retailers in the month of May alone. So no doubt, many students have taken advantage of this and contributed to that $77 billion. 

   Junior Loral Hess is new to the school, but she is already making her mark with her impressive style sense. 

   “Fashion to me is being able to express yourself through the clothes you wear,” said Hess. “Being able to wear whatever you want whenever you want. To make yourself feel comfortable in your own skin.”  

   Hess spent her early years here in Rockford, then attended Fossil Ridge High School in Colorado before moving back to the Forest City.

   “The big baggy pants people are wearing from thrift stores are okay, depending on what you wear with it,” said Hess. “If it is a tight shirt or a tank top with those pants then it probably will look good. But a big baggy shirt with big baggy pants do not always go the best.”

   Hess’s favorite brands are Tommy Hilfiger, PacSun, and Jordan as she feels they capture her the best, though she does feel in the future she will move up to higher quality brands.  

   “It seems as though the 80s grunge look is coming back, but I don’t think it will last because styles change throughout the decades,” said Hess. “Even hairstyles, like mullets, are coming back. But let’s hope that big poofy hair, doesn’t. Otherwise, I think the styles are mixed up throughout the age groups.”

Loral Hess