Quarantine time: Veg out or make the best of it?


Sophomore Nyla Owens has used quarantine time to practice and improve her soccer skills.


  Being stuck quarantined has been really hard to deal with by many. Students have struggled with finding ways to entertain themselves, and some have not really been affected or bothered by being in quarantine.

   Though there is social media, it can be challenging to get in contact with friends. It can also be disappointing to not be able to visit one another or hang out. Some may not be able to contact for not having social media. With that, it can be more difficult to stay motivated doing school at home than it was while at school.

   “I’ve been pretty lazy and laid back, I talk to my friends whenever I have the chance,” said Khaleed George, sophomore. “I miss the motivation I got from friends at school. It was easier to be able to work together.”

   Even though there are many people stuck at home, there are still essential workers. This is a stressful time for workers and can make jobs more difficult with the rules and boundaries, especially for fast-food workers.

   “It’s been really stressful,” Said Benji Vogt, junior. “The constant masks and gloves and dealing with people in drive thru. People will complain about how it’s made and if everything is clean and safe.”

   Having a bunch of time on one’s hand has given people the chance to practice and develop new hobbies. It gives them the ability to discover new interests and a lot of time to work on them.

   “I’ve been playing soccer to practice and get better,” said Nyla Owens, sophomore. “I tried sewing to try something new, but it failed and I ended up sending the machine back.”  

   Being stuck at home has left families with more quality family time. It gives them the chance to spend more time together and bring them closer while trying and discovering new things.

   “It’s brought me closer to my family,” said Kaylee Presselor, freshmen. “Me and my step dad started playing video games together and I’ve been spending more time with them in general.”