Students enjoy “History in Hollywood” Club


Nakiah Milan, Reporter

     Movie day is the best day at school when you have a substitute teacher. For most students, this becomes the favorite hour of the day. But have you ever considered watching movies after school?

  Last year students brought up the idea of starting some type of after school group that could act as a movie club that is centered around history. They came up with the the idea of the History In Hollywood Movie Club. The club meets every other Wednesday in Mr. Rick Elston’s room, Room 106 in the front hallway. The movies can be about  historical drama.

  “The students watch the movie, then discuss it when it’s over,” said Mr.Elston “They talk about what was their favorite part in the movie.”

  Students talk about what they liked or disliked after the movie, as well as their favorite parts. The students have chosen to pick movies like Miracle, which was about the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. Another choice was a French World War 1 movie called Joyeux Noel. Other times, they have wanted to watch something more seasonal, like a Christmas movie before winter break, when they chose The Grinch.