The Price of a Prank


Magnus Swanson, Reporter

Before seniors leave high school, it’s been a tradition to go out with a bang. Senior pranks, which are stunts pulled by seniors, are designed to have a comedic effect within the school. For example, last year seniors placed a shopping cart on the roof. However in recent years the severity of pranks has gone down due to stricter rules, and the difficulty of getting away with the prank has increased.

Many Guilford students chimed in on pranks they would be inclined to carry out; however, none wished to be quoted for the story.

“I would place alarm clocks all around the school, and set them to go off at the same time,” said one senior, who wished to remain anonymous.

But is pranking worth it? After all, the student could possibly lose the right to walk during graduation, or even go to prom.

“I’ve been at Guilford for nearly six years and understand all of the consequences. When you trespass for a prank, not only are you breaking school rules, you are also breaking the law. It may be funny, but all pranks have consequences no matter what,” said Mr. Russel Vanderheyden, EMITT academy principal.

So as a senior you must weigh the consequences, including the law, injuries, repairs, and costs. As the odds are stacked against you, senior pranks are becoming harder and harder to pull off.

“Restitution is when you have to pay for the supplies to clean up your prank, pay the people who are cleaning it, and everything else,” Vanderheyden continued.

A couple decades ago pranks were much harsher, but now we have better security systems in place including cameras, alarm systems, and more.

“The amount of pranks in Guilford hasn’t changed, but the severity has definitely decreased. Having cameras helps out a lot too,” said Mr. Vanderheyden.