Mrs. Mihajlovic retires

Isaac Leon, Copy Editor

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For 19 years, Mrs. Mihajlovic has been positively impacting students. She has taught Biology, ChemCom, Anatomy, and currently is teaching sophomore Chemistry. After finishing Nursing High School, she didn’t want to go to a college of medicine, so instead she switched paths to pursue a career in teaching.
“She makes a hard subject easy to understand as well as making the class enjoyable,” said Tien Dao, senior. “I loved her as a teacher and I wish I could have her again.”

Mrs. Mihajlovic started as a bilingual teacher in 1999, teaching students from former Yugoslavia, where she was born and raised until 1992. She moved to teaching regular classes in 2003 and has been teaching ever since.

“I had the privilege to work with a group of students who were curious and interested in the subject I taught, asking a lot of questions and challenging me,” said Mrs. Mihajlovic.

Like most teachers, Mrs. Mihajlovic would like to leave a long-lasting legacy on Guilford High School.

“I hope that students would remember that I challenged them to the best of their ability and treated them as how they are going to be, not what they were,” said Mrs. Mihajlovic. “Education is valuable. You can lose a country, a house, and other things, but the knowledge and education, nobody can take from you.”