Athlete in the spotlight: Ryan Callahan

Callahan continues to show his leadership and love for Guilford Football

Athlete in the spotlight: Ryan Callahan

Zekia Daniels, Reporter

Guilford’s left tackle, Ryan Callahan, is a team captain for the varsity football team. And even though he is the man in charge, he still connects and bonds with his teammates.

“Football means a lot to me,” said Callahan. “Being on the field with friends who have become family is the best feeling in the world.”

Callahan has become close with many players, but two of his closest teammates are Julian Haynie and Jaden Dowen. They immediately clicked when they all joined the team freshmen year.

“I’ve been playing with Ryan for four years now; he brings many different leader elements to the team that I don’t think would be there without him,” said Jaden Dowen, senior and outside linebacker.

New head football Coach Baszali, is another factor to helping Ryan improve.

“Ryan is an exceptional person and player,” said Baszali. “He is a leader on and off the field and we as a team are very fortunate for his leadership.”

Minutes add up to years in a hurry. Football has four quarters in a game, each lasting 12 minutes, although to the players it may feel like it only lasts a matter of seconds.

“It’s different being a captain because I remember looking up to those senior players as a freshman,” said Callahan, “and it was always really inspiring.”

Ryan is also the girls Powderpuff coach, a tradition where girls from each grade form a team and play football for homecoming week.

“I really enjoy coaching Powderpuff because using the background knowledge I have from football it really contributes to helping the girls do a good job,” said Callahan.

As a team captain, Callahan teaches teammates to play together as a team and helps teammates when they feel down.

“He’s basically a personal coach for me,” said Julian Haynie, senior, quarterback. “He’s taught me so many things from the 7th grade until now. Watching us grow together as brothers has been great.”

Ryan has been playing with a fractured hip since June when they started practicing for the upcoming season and still has to depend on being cleared from his doctor in order to join his teammates on the field.

“I knew from the first time meeting Ryan that he had courage,” said Baszali. “He is playing with an injured hip; I wish the hip was better and hope that it’s not too serious.”

Dedication is a huge factor while being on any sports team. Football players have to learn and memorize hundreds of plays and some might find that difficult. Callahan excels at this because he lives every day as if it was a football game or practice.

“Football is like a lifestyle for me,” said Callahan. “Guilford Football is family to me.”