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Track days in PE class: Why?

Students walk the track in PE class to earn points towards choosing their own activities.

   Nobody likes Monday track days in PE. 

   Track days are typically on Mondays, students have to complete 6 laps on the outside track before the end of the period to receive points for the day.

   Monday is already bad enough starting off the school week- who wants to walk the track all day? Sure, we need some ‘cardio,’ but don’t we all run around when we’re playing handball, tennis, or football outside?
  So why do track days exist? 

   “We have track days to improve our cardiovascular endurance,” said Mrs. Erin Huels, PE teacher. “We have them on Monday because we’re helping our students earn their way to participate in activities.”

   This ordeal with the incentive of being allowed to participate in a game for the rest of the week versus walking the track seems to be working for students’ grades.

   “In the past, when we would have fitness days on Thursday’s, people wouldn’t try, and would not earn their points,” said Mrs. Huels.

   This makes sense- you have to put in the effort on the track day to have an easier grade playing handball, football, or soccer for the rest of the week.

   But how can they make track days better?
  “I think they should shorten it down,” said Angel Ramirez, freshman. “Instead of six, you could do five, because sometimes kids don’t finish all of their laps because it takes too long to do it.” 

   This brings up the issue of the time constraints with PE class. This issue persists if the class does not get outside quickly enough, giving less time to complete all six laps.

   Another big issue with exercising is the tiredness and the accompanying sweat.
  “They don’t feel like running, and don’t want to sweat,” said Ramirez.

   Being all sweaty the hour after your PE class sucks- we’ve all been there. Why run if it’s going to make the rest of your day miserable? I say they should shorten down laps from six to five. This would allow students to walk all of their laps and not have to run at all- and gain some easy extra credit for doing addtional laps too.

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