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Do extracurricular activities affect students’ abilities to perform in school?

Jaden Cochran
Amber Chance and Jaden Larson are baffled by Amber’s grade.

  How does working and playing sports affect students in school? For some, it may provide enthusiasm for school, but what about the others that feel stressed and pressured? 

   “I only have to work certain days but it definitely does stress me out more because I’m anxious about deadlines,” said Olivia Sapron, sophomore.

   Studies show that high school students who participate in sports are around 10% more likely to graduate than students who don’t play sports. 

   Sports, jobs, and clubs give students many opportunities that they may not have otherwise. This can include experience, exercise, connections, and even helping them get into extended education.

   “I feel like I do better when I’m in sports,” said Joey Spielman, sophomore. “It gives me energy and lifts my mood.”

   For a lot of students, though, it’s not as easy or beneficial. It can seem like there’s too much on their plate and cause them to feel overwhelmed.

   “It stresses me out because I don’t have time to do my homework,” said Kaylee Sherman, sophomore. “My grades drop.” 

    These different experiences depend on many factors, such as the type of sport or job, the amount of hours it takes, one’s home environment, and how easy things in school come to them.

   For a student that has a supportive home environment and catches onto lessons in school quickly, having a job on the side might be a good thing to keep them motivated. However, for a student who is living in a bad home environment and struggling in school, they may feel drained after a long day of school and work. That doesn’t change the fact that some students might not even get the option.

   “I don’t have a choice,” said Sapron, sophomore. “My parents think it’s beneficial for me to learn to work while going to school for my work ethic, plus I wouldn’t want to lose the benefits of having a job such as money and freedom.”

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