The 2023 school year is coming to an end



It’s hot! Students hide in the shade from the hot summer sun. (photo illustration) From right to left: Hailey Karsten, Abby Rabon, Adelyn Arreguin, Julissa Espejo

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer. There is nothing that compares to that feeling you get when the clock turns to 3:20 and that final bell rings. But this year school doesn’t end until June 13th! It is going to be in the upper 80°s during these last few weeks, and last year a few people fainted due to the heat. Will that be the case this year, too?

   “I am not looking forward to being in school in the middle of June. It’s going to be so hot,” said Reid Ticknor, freshman. “I wish the school year started and ended earlier.”

   Many students and teachers have made comments about wishing the school year started and ended earlier than it did this year, mostly due to the heat, but also due to other plans they have that start before school gets out.

   “I’d rather start school earlier because it’s really hot in June and I’d like to do theater,” said Abby Rabon, freshman.

   A reason school has been starting later is because of the lack of air conditioning, which is sort of ironic. The school board decided to start school later so kids weren’t cooking all day in school, but rumor is that school will start and end earlier once AC is installed.

   Students are looking forward to the sweet release from school on June 13th this year. Due to the anticipation, many students won’t even be coming to school the last two days.

   Luckily, many teachers have invested in fans for their classrooms, which students are infinitely grateful for. Even a little bit of airflow on a hot, humid day can make a big difference.

   Many students have complained about the school year running so late. The heat is unbearable, and it causes many students to lose focus.

   “It’s hard to focus when it’s really hot in school, because all I want to do is sleep,” said Ticknor.

   Students also have a harder time focusing due to their anticipation of summer fun.

   “I don’t want to be in school during June because I want to be doing other things that are fun for me, like going to the gym and hanging out with my friends,” said Miles Anderson, sophomore.