Students weigh in on snow days vs. remote days

Rockfords well-known sculpture, The Symbol, stands covered in snow.

Rockford’s well-known sculpture, “The Symbol,” stands covered in snow.

   While the term “snow day” has been mostly absent from students’ vocabulary, we’ve had two already this school year. Even though the snow is gone, the effect of the days lost still lives on. 

   “It’s fair,” said Lucie Parker, sophomore. “But I feel like the students and teachers expect to get out at a certain time, but now it’s kind of confusing. We don’t really know what day we’re getting out on. I think that they should take a couple of days off from one of our breaks if we need to take days away.”

   Ever since distance learning, and the introduction of classes done over Zoom and Google Meets, students have had remote learning days instead of snow days. Even though we only had snow days during the winter months, some students wish we had more and were all too happy when snow days made a resurgence. 

   “I like snow days better because it’s a good mental break,” said Allycia Snyder, sophomore. “I also don’t really think that it affects our performance in school, it didn’t really have that big of an impact.”

   Snow days have their pros and cons, one of the biggest negatives is that teachers and students now have to make up two days at the end of the school year. However, one of the biggest positives that come from snow days is having a few more days off in a period of time where not many days off are provided. 

   “It’s nice to have a day that can just be used as a brain break day,” said Parker. “It’s nice to not have to focus on responsibilities.”

   However, even though snow days provide a break in learning, they do not have a huge impact on students performance. 

   “As a teacher and now administrator, I feel that the impact is minimal, and snow days can be utilized for students to catch up on school work,” said Ms. Ferguson, the business academy assistant principle. “Obviously, we hope we don’t have to use the emergency (snow) days at the end of the year, but that is why they are built into the schedule.”

   Snow days give students a perfect opportunity to have a relaxing day free of responsibilities and schoolwork. 

   “As a student, I loved snow days,” said Ms. Ferguson. “Some of my fondest memories are the times we spent as kids playing outside with the neighbors building snow tunnels and snow forts, and going sledding.”