A teenager’s take on Outer Banks


   The latest Netflix show, Outer Banks is now rated 7.5/10 according to the Independent Movie Database (IMDb). It is an American action adventure and romance TV series. It is very popular among teenagers as it showcases a type of lifestyle they would like to have aside from running away from the police. All three seasons made the Netflix global 10 weekly list with 3 ranking in 99 million views. 

   Personally, I’m more of the type of person who is into Korean dramas as they not only have better acting but have better plot twists and actual meaning behind the whole story as well. Outer Banks was the first American TV show I have watched in a long time and I don’t regret watching it. It was genuinely one of the best ones I watched by far, and this is coming from someone who finished 3 seasons in 2 days which could also mean I really don’t have a life, but that’s not the point. 

   Season 1 started off introducing each of the main characters, mainly the Pogues, who are the lower class of the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. John B was narrating the beginning and introduced Kie, Pope, JJ, and himself. Sarah Cameron wasn’t a part of their friend group in the beginning of the show as she was part of the Kooks, who lived on the wealthy side of Outer Banks. Sarah and John B slowly started becoming closer as he worked for her dad on the boat. Personally I really shipped them because they had really good chemistry and it was obvious they liked each other and spoiler alert, I was really happy when they kissed in season one. Kie was kind of playing around with all the guys and ended up leading them on, and by everyone I mean Pope, John, and JJ, but I definitely liked her with JJ because he showed her the most respect and she was the person who actually understood him. Now as for Pope, he started off the show being the good smart kid who got all A’s in school and had a scholarship interview, but of course that didn’t last too long. My whole intake in season 1 was positive because they never took anything seriously and would make jokes out of it even if it was the most serious moment. This represents Generation Z, which I found funny

   Season 2 is where all the juicy things come in. Sarah and John end it by going into the Bahamas to find the treasure that Sarah’s dad hid there. Now, I definitely knew that one of the Kooks knew about the treasure, but I didn’t think it would be her dad until he started acting up which made me really mad. I was literally in bed stressed out because John B couldn’t realize it any sooner. Fast forward a little after Rafe Cameron shot the sheriff thinking it would be helping his dad and thought it would be an amazing idea to frame John B. Rafe knew Sarah was too in love with him to let that slide. This part actually made me so mad that I had to remind myself it was all acting because Rafe was so mentally ill and his dad knew it, but didn’t want to admit it. I know all Rafe wanted was his dad to love him, but he was actually insane. After everyone believed Sarah and John B were dead they lied low which was smart, but of course John B had to be an idiot and cause some trouble. 

   In Season 3, my favorite season, the whole group is back together after Sarah and John come back. And as much as I hated Rafe Cameran, he looked so good in season 3. A lot of things happened this season, John B’s dead dad came back, Sarah’s dad was found alive and planned the whole thing so he wouldn’t go to jail. Personally I think Sarah’s dad is a good dad. Although he wasn’t a good person, he showed how deeply he cared for Sarah. On the other hand Big John was not a good dad. He cared about the treasure more than his own son, Which showed a lot about what type of person he was. At the end they did get the treasure, but at what cost? Both Sarah and John lost their dads while treasure hunting. Season 3 did end with a cliffhanger because Outer Banks was confirmed for a Season 4 which probably won’t be out until next year.

   I would say overall the show was really really good, and would recommend it to people who haven’t watched it yet, the acting, the lifestyle, the decisions. It just really represents a lot of teens as most teens would like to have an adventurous lifestyle  and I would definitely say I’m excited for season 4.