Girls bowling season a massive success


   The Guilford Girls Bowling season started at the beginning of November, and the team has had a fantastic season so far. While they did not get off to great start, the girls have been steadily improving as the season has progressed. 

   “We started low, but we’ve been gaining ground every single time, every single tournament,” said Coach Kailey Siemers, who is the head coach for the team.

   As the season has progressed, the Varsity team has been consistently placing fourth or fifth at tournaments, while the Junior Varsity placed third at their very first tournament.

 “It was really exciting and just fun to get that win,” said a member of the Junior Varsity team. 

   The bowling team has fourteen members this year, five on varsity, four alternates, and five on junior varsity. 

   “I joined bowling because I thought it would be a new experience and something new to learn,” said Saja Razick, a junior who has been on the Varsity team for the past three years. 

   Even though the girls are split into Varsity and Junior Varsity, they often do drills together, and the team members are all very connected. 

   “There’s no I in team,” said Razick. “It’s a lot of cooperation and cheering each other on and I feel like that has a huge impact on our performances.”

   Another thing that encourages communication and collaboration between the two teams is the alternates, which means bowlers who may bowl for Junior Varsity one day, and Varsity the next. 

   “It’s exciting but also nerve racking because you never know where you’re bowling and it can put a lot of pressure on you,” said an alternate. “But it’s also fun because you get to be a part of both teams.” 

   Many of the girls have had an enjoyable time, and have left the season with many new friendships. 

   “My favorite part is all the new friends I’ve made,” said Marlee Reader, a freshman on Junior Varsity whos high game for the season is a one hundred and thirteen. 

   Almost everyone on the team agrees that while the actual sport is incredibly enjoyable, the social interactions with the other girls are part of what makes bowing so much fun. 

   “It’s a lifetime sport and it’s about creating a different kind of friendship,” said Coach Siemers. 

   The team is already on their way to regionals, but some members of the team have their hearts set on going to state. 

   “My goal every season is to try and get everyone to state, especially the team,” said Coach Siemers. 

   With this amazing season behind them, one can only wonder what the girls bowling team will accomplish next.