Students show off their talents in art show


Lauren Zuzevich (Junior) poses with her art

   The annual art show took place over the final week of April, run by the art teachers and featuring many students’ art works from over the course of the year – many of which were chosen for awards. Student art work was hung in the main gym, with AP art student displays in the concessions area

   There was much excitement built around the event after being put off for two years.

   “Two years ago, we were not in school during the months of April and May; usually the time when we have the show,” said Eric Blackwell, art teacher. “Last year, with some students being remote learners and others being in-person learners, we felt it was best to not have a show with the COVID pandemic still very much a high priority topic.”

   After two years of being away, students had just as much enthusiasm about being able to participate in the show.

   “It’s exciting to have it back,” said Lauren Zuzevich, junior. “It’s been so long since the last art show.”

   With two years gone, the art show gave students a chance to showcase their improvement to family, friends, and each other.

   “It was really nice to be able to show my art to people, and see my other friends’ art,” said Robin Gamboa, junior. “It’s a good chance to show other people the pieces you spent weeks working on.”

   From the beginning of the year, art students took this as an opportunity to build a theme that resonated with themselves.

   “My theme in this portfolio was finding a sense of self through self portraits and different medias,” said Zuzevich. “Being back in school has given me more access to materials I could experiment with.”

   Students sometimes choose art class to inspire a career in the subject. Art classes allow students to get creative and dig deeper into how that creativity can develop into future possibilities.

   “I plan on making art my career by beginning an animation company,” said Gamboa. “For now, I’m currently entering an art competition.”

   After a hard year of work, it is rewarding to both the students and the teachers to display the art pieces they are proud of.

   “I am very proud, and I think my students are just as proud of their work,” said Mr. Blackwell. “Seeing the students’ faces light up with joy and excitement is always a great feeling. One of the reasons why I love being an art teacher is seeing how proud my students get when they finally complete a great work of art!”