Humans and their arrhythmic love of music


 Music is a very important part of our world and without it, we would be practically nothing. Trying to imagine life without music is terrifying; no outdated songs from the 2000’s playing in shopping malls, no licensed music in cash-grabby children’s movies, and without a doubt, the scariest thought is not having music to blast in your ears when “that” uncle gets invited to the family barbeque and speaks a little too much about what’s on his mind.

   My point is, we would be nothing without music. 

   I love all kinds of music. I have this particular belief that if I don’t like a song, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not for me. I think it’s pretty dumb and scummy making fun of/ridiculing people for liking certain kinds of music because EVERYONE has different tastes. I’ve encountered people younger than me who get mad at me for listening to music released after the 1970’s. Old music is a pinnacle to an extent, and modern music is garbage to an extent, and vice-versa. Just let people enjoy what they want to, please. 

   Music has gotten me through the ugliest of ugly. I personally would not be here if it wasn’t for particular bands and just the idea of music in general. People often call bluffs when they hear others say that a band/singer has saved their life, but you’d be surprised how often people have gotten out of very horrible situations regarding self harm or life threatening situations because of it. It may sound like music is this miniscule idea but it’s really not; we are more rhythmic than we may think. 

   Many take music for granted and throw it aside like it’s something we just consume and touch again later, in time. I don’t think people understand that music still takes a pretty long time to produce… most of the time. 

   With the transition to our new robot overlords (the smartphone), it is easier than ever to make a couple keyboard bloops and spew BS on top of it, then upload it to services like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or if you’re willing to throw in a few bucks, big name music streaming services. That’s where I think music gets kind of a bad rep nowadays. Now that anyone with a brain and Apple headphones can make songs, we kind of have this negative association with new songs, since some ironic cesspool gets churned out alongside what could be the song of the decade. 

   This doesn’t contradict my point with thinking all music is good, because when I say “ironic cesspool,” I MEAN it. People purposely make songs for laughs. Not good music with comedic elements, but intentionally terrible sounding music with stupid, off-beat lyrics. It’s funny, yeah, but it’s making people who aren’t in on the joke question this generation’s taste in… everything.

   When talking about joke songs, you also have to take into consideration the hellbeast that is TikTok. Thinking about it makes me shudder. Shuddering about it makes me shudder harder so I will attempt to keep this brief. I don’t think TikTok (*shudder*) needs an introduction, so let me jump straight in. I have seen way too many people make 15 second songs with a rusty keyboard and sing about a variety of things; mental illness, food, and relatable scenarios. Rarely have I seen people sing about anything genuinely funny, especially with the large amount of songs about mental illness. 

   I don’t personally find it funny when joking about trauma, but I understand that it’s a common response to such, so I let it slide. However, I have seen instances where someone has made a song regarding some junk that happened to them, joking about it, then attacking people who joke about it too. Now, scenarios like this get tricky. If the person joking about it was joking about a particular person and their problems, that’s trashy. However, if they’re doing the same things you’re advertising… what? Where did the joke go? I don’t know, maybe I’m just not on the same plane of existence as these people. In short, listen to what you like and make what music you like, as long as it’s not hurting anyone or yourself. 

   We, as a species, need to stick together and stop being so critical of each other. If I want to listen to a Katy Perry song and not a song no one has ever heard of from a band originating in Elk Grove, Michigan, then by GOD I am going to listen to a Katy Perry song and not a song no one has ever heard of from a band originating in Elk Grove, Michigan. Elk Grove, where even is that? The middle of NOWHERE, that’s where. You, 0. Me, 1. Given you have the right idea and good intentions, just let people listen to what they want to. Music is such an important part of our world and plays an even more important part in copious amounts of people’s lives. 

   The next time you’re free, listen to some music you thought you’d never find yourself listening to. Before you make fun of a song or band, give it a chance and figure out if it’s TRULY something to make fun of. If it is, keep your mouth shut. Let people enjoy what they want to because you have no clue how important it is to others. Also, if you’re one of those people that get mad at others for wearing a band t-shirt and they can’t list all 87 album names, the very origin of the band or the lead singer’s blood type, you look like a block of cheese. Go take a shower.