Jobs: are they beneficial to high school students?


Louise Uwingeneye dressed up for Dunkin’

   High school brings with it many new experiences, such as college applications, AP classes, and more. Many students take up their first job in high school, and use it as a way to interact with others and earn their own money.

  Junior Louise Uwingeneye, for example, started her first job at Dunkin’.

   “Honestly, it wasn’t even about working at Dunkin’s that I started there,” said Uwingeneye. “It was the idea of having a working experience, especially in a fast food restaurant. It was also the idea that I would be able to afford what I wanted without having to ask my parents.”

   Many jobs are very accepting to teenagers, and allow them in with little to no trouble beyond an application. 

   “At first I applied to Plato’s Closet because I like the store, but it was already full with other teenage girls,” said Tea’ Salyer, sophomore. “My sister worked for 5 months at Once Upon a Child, so I decided to apply there. It’s a good first job.”

   Jobs for teenagers are a good way to interact with others and get a better understanding of the world around them.

   “My job helps me connect with people and it teaches me about them,” said sophomore Mohaimen Abd Ali, who works as a soccer referee.

Mohaimen Abd Ali (right) with GHS student Ahmed Jabbar, 10, and the game’s head referee.

   However, not every aspect of a new job is a dream come true. A lot of the time, difficulties arise and can stress students out, especially with the inclusion of school.

   “Working during school can definitely make school difficult,” said Salyer. “I play volleyball, so sometimes I have back-to-back days with volleyball and work. Thankfully, the owner is flexible.”

   Bad reception from others can also make jobs seem impossible to deal with on a regular basis.

   “The crowd gets mad at the referee when I call what is right,” said Abd Ali. “I had parents and coaches yelling at me.” 

   Despite hardships balancing angry customers and extracurriculars, many people help show young workers that their service is worth it.

   “[The day is enjoyable] when I’m working with people who actually treat me right and understand when I make a mistake,” said Uwingeneye. “That just makes my day go smoothly.”

   Good customer experiences can brighten someone’s day, and when they are willing to forgive mistakes and understand student workers, it can make work a lot easier.

   “We usually get parents, and most of the time they’re really understanding,” said Salyer. “Sometimes they bring their babies in too; that’s one of the best parts.”

   When asked, most people said they would recommend their workplaces to new teenage workers. 

   “I 100% would (recommend Dunkin’),” said Uwingeneye. “Especially if they’re (students)  trying to get in some work experience.”