STRIKE! An overview of the Girl’s Bowling team’s great season!


  The girl’s bowling team has had a great deal of practice, tournaments, and teamwork throughout their season, and they are constantly working towards bettering each other while also striving towards those sweet victories.

   The team is usually localized in Don Carter Lanes for practices, though they travel to other bowling alleys for some of their competitions.

   “Don Carter’s is a pretty big bowling alley with a lot of noise,” said LeAnn Severson, junior and team captain. “So it’s a good place to practice because it replicates matches well.”

   The team consists mostly of sophomores and juniors. As team captain, Severson is always looking out for her team and wants everyone to do their best.

   “Our team has a lot of sophomores who have only recently gotten into bowling, so the biggest problem we’ve faced is not having enough time to help everyone grow,” said Severson. 

   Severson has been taking part in the sport for a while, and shows no sign of slowing down. Bowling has been and continues to be a big part of her life, and it shows that she has a great passion for it, as she’s led her team to victory numerous times.

   “I joined bowling because one of my seniors from a different sport told me to, and I will continue to bowl because I really like the people that participate in it,” said Severson. “I mean, I’ve been bowling since I was three so I’ve always been looking forward to bowling for high school.”

   Severson isn’t the only one who’s been bowling for a while before this team. Raehann Razick, sophomore, has also had a great deal of practice and experience.

  “I chose to start bowling because I wanted to do an extremely competitive sport,” said Razick. “Bowling has a lot of mental work. It can be frustrating but extremely fun at the same time. Before bowling, I had a lot of spare time. With bowling I had practice every day, except for the days we had games. Practices were right after school until 5.“

   Every team experiences moments of hardship. A tense game occurred late in the season against Auburn High School.

   “It was a very hard day, and scores were so close,” said Razick. “We ended up winning but everyone was just in a bad mood. A few of us cried. But our coach started bouncing around and tried to make everyone laugh. From then we decided to cheer even more in our games and encourage anyone who was feeling down.”