Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (Book 1) Overview


   In 2004, a man by the name of Bryan Lee O’Malley released the first of six Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. The series was met with such critical acclaim that it spawned many different adaptations, such as a movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010, directed by Edgar Wright, and a video game, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, 2010. The movie didn’t do all that hot at the box office, and the game didn’t perform well either, but the comic was still prevailing as a timeless story that could be enjoyed no matter what. Regardless of its poor performances, every rendition of the series had its own “cult” following.

   The story’s main plot is about a Toronto resident named Scott Pilgrim who falls madly in love with Ramona Flowers, an American who had just moved to Canada for a job at Amazon. Scott and Ramona hit it off, but Scott is soon told by Ramona that if they wanted to keep dating, he had to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

   The first book, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, exposes us to almost every main protagonist in a way that’s both understandable and entertaining. It opens with a wide shot of his friend, Stephen Stills’ house, with him saying, “Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler?” Yes, in fact, he was. Scott is pushed around for this before he finally explains why he’s doing it and how they met. (He was looking for a petty rebound from his last ex, and they met on a bus with her mom). The scene is set with Stephen and Scott preparing breakfast, with the two also being accompanied by Kim Pine and the renamed Young Neil, who got his name for being… young. Quickly after the discussion, they get a knock on the door from none other than Knives Chau, Scott’s high school girlfriend. They all meet Knives and promptly sit her down to introduce her to Kim, Scott, and Stephan’s band; Sex Bob-Omb. She. Is. Awed. 

   After a band session, Knives gets walked home by Scott. Later that night, Scott returns to his apartment (it’s more like a bunker built into the side of a mountain, as there is one window and approximately 2 rooms in there), where we’re introduced to his snippy roommate, Wallace Wells. He abruptly goes to bed and has a weird dream. A dream about a girl skating through his mind. After processing that she was one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen, he woke up in a cold sweat and forgot that he was supposed to pick up Knives from school.

   Scott gets Knives from her school and they start hanging out. They go to Goodwill, the arcade, and finally, the library. There, we see the mystery girl that went through Scott’s head delivering a package to the front desk. Scott is immediately entranced. 

   The next day, Scott and the gang get invited to a party run by Julie Powers, Stephen Stills’ girlfriend. Then would you believe it? At the party, Scott sees that same mystery girl up against a wall. In a panic, Scott frantically asks everyone he knows about this girl. He finds out three pieces of information: Her name is Ramona Flowers, she’d just moved to Toronto for a job at Amazon, and she’s super hardcore. Scott approaches Ramona and has probably the most awkward interaction of 2004 with her, and he abruptly leaves. 

   Back at Scott’s house, he’s in this negative space where he feels like he’ll never see Ramona again. Then, he remembers she works for Amazon! So he orders a ton of CDs to see his dream girl. After reuniting with her, he convinces her to hang out with him, and later that night, they spend the night at Ramona’s house, with each other’s full knowledge that they are dating.

   Scott remembers that he’s in a band! He also remembers they have a gig the next day! He also remembers he has not broken up with Knives, and he invited Ramona to their gig. There are many instances where Scott is close to breaking up with Knives but ultimately chickens out. He still hasn’t broken up with her when the night their band is performing comes around, and it is extremely awkward because Knives kisses Scott in front of Ramona, when they all meet up while a warm-up band plays. Panicked, he gets Kim and Stephen together to play loud and immediately. 

   Things are going well in terms of playing and keeping the audience’s attention/interest… that is, until someone crashes through the ceiling, yelling Scott’s name and flying towards him fists-first. Scott’s quick martial arts and self-defense skills kick in, and he counteracts the attacker in a quick flash. Dusting himself off, the attacker makes himself known as Matthew Patel; Ramona’s first “evil ex-boyfriend.” Everyone is completely confused, and Ramona explains in flashback fashion that the two of them dated in the sixth grade, then turned “evil” because Ramona broke up with him and moved on to a new guy alarmingly quickly. 

   Matthew and Scott are duking it out on the stage floor while trying to figure out what’s going on and why this guy is attacking him. The battle is ended when Scott flings a drum cymbal at Matthew’s forehead, exploding him into a dollar in coins. 

   Ramona and Scott take the bus home and Ramona tells Scott upfront that if they want to date, he may have to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Scott accepts this challenge, breaks up with Knives, and starts his weird new journey with Ramona.