Episode 3 – The Mini Bar


   Episode three, titled “The Mini Bar,” starts out with Larry David and manager Jeff Greene sitting at Hulu headquarters. Hulu agrees to take on Larry’s Young Larry project. The head of Hulu, who was unnamed during the episode, wants to see a tape of some of the actors that Larry has picked. Particularly Maria Sofia, the horrible actress Larry had to hire, because her dad would have taken her to court if he hadn’t. After Jeff and Larry leave, Larry turns to Jeff and says that he will be getting her acting lessons from his ex-wife, Cheryl David. Jeff gets a text from the head of Hulu, that says that he thinks Larry is mad because he slammed the door. Larry said he wasn’t mad and was just getting used to the door.

   Right after the meeting, Larry heads to Cheryl’s house to ask her if she would give Maria acting lessons, and she agrees. Larry notices a thrown-out newspaper, and he sees that the front cover says that there is a hot dog eating contest that Friday. They have a quick conversation about how disgusting hot dog eating contests are, and he leaves. He slams the door again on the way out.  

   That night, Larry heads to Jeff’s house for a dinner party. During the dinner party, he meets a man named Harry Baskin. Harry asks Larry for advice on a girl that he likes. He said that he texted her to meet for a drink, which she agreed to. After she agrees to the drink, he also asks her to dinner, which both Larry and Harry agree that it made him seem desperate to also ask her to dinner. Larry says that he should send the following text: “Actually I can’t go to dinner because I am in a hot dog eating contest the next day, and I don’t want to eat anything before then.” Larry says that this text would say that “Yeah I messed up, but I’m funny.” Harry sends the text. Cheryl questions Larry on why he slammed the door, and he also tells her that he was just getting used to the door.

   Jeff’s wife Susan Greene, also called Susie, calls the guests into the dining room to eat. She tells the guests that they can sit anywhere they want. Larry’s cousin, Andy David, and his wife, Cassie David, also attend the dinner party. When they go to sit down, Andy and Cassie sit in the middle. Before the dinner party, Susie makes a toast. After the toast, she gets mad at Larry for not looking at her while she’s making the toast. Larry gets irritated by this, because he feels he doesn’t need to look at her. Cheryl and Susie say that looking at someone is like saying, “Hello. I see you. I acknowledge you. I connect with you.” Jeff and Larry look at each other and mockingly say to each other, “Hello. I see you. I acknowledge you. I connect with you,” which I thought was a really funny moment, and it made me laugh quite a bit. 

   Another moment that made me burst out laughing comes moments after. Andy goes on and on about a boring story about a boat that nobody cares about. Larry signals at Susie to go into the kitchen, and she does. They talk about how boring Andy is, and Larry says that he will fix it. Larry comes in and interrupts Andy’s boring story. He tells him that “nobody wants to hear your stories and you shouldn’t be sitting in the middle,” since he tells such boring stories. This made me laugh really hard, as this is another typical Larry moment. He also says the same about Cassie. Larry switches seats with Andy, and Larry’s friend, Freddy Funkhouser, switches seats with Cassie. The two get everyone talking, and Andy whispers into Larry’s ear, “You’re right, I’m not a middler.”

   The reason why the episode is called “The Mini Bar” becomes apparent. Freddy tells Larry that he is in charge of the mini bars in the hotel chain that he bought. Larry asks him if he can bring him an idea-list, and he agrees.

   The next day, Larry brings Maria to Cheryl’s house for her acting lessons. Larry leaves the house. Cheryl compliments Maria’s jacket, and they get started. Right off the bat, Maria can’t read any of her lines right. She reads stage directions, she reads the facial expressions that are written on the script for her to make, and she keeps dancing while reading her lines even with direction from Cheryl not to. She is also extremely rude to Cheryl, and gets frustrated with her when she is trying to help her out.

   After the lesson, Larry goes out shopping with his roommate, Leon Black, to see what he can buy for the minibar. Larry gets a call from Maria. She tells him that she thinks he left her jacket at Cheryl’s house, and asks him to call her to see about the jacket. Larry calls Cheryl, and she says she doesn’t have the jacket. Larry then calls Maria to tell her that Cheryl doesn’t have her jacket. Maria accuses Cheryl of stealing the jacket. Larry calls her “crazy” and hangs up. 

   The next day, Harry comes into Larry’s office to tell him that his plan didn’t work. He says that she is actually impressed that he is in a hot dog eating contest. Larry tells him that he is sorry that it didn’t work out, and Harry leaves.

   Later that day Andy and Cassie go to Larry’s house, to ask him to a dinner party at their house. More specifically, they want him to be in the middle seat. He tells them that he can’t go because he is in a hot dog eating contest the next day, so he can’t eat anything, and they leave.

   Later on that day, Larry goes to Freddy’s office to show him all of the ideas. Larry brings items like wasabi flavored peas, and York peppermint patties. Freddy says that he doesn’t like any of the items that he brought. Larry yells at Freddy for not liking any of his ideas, and then he leaves.

   That night, Andy and Cassie hold their dinner party. Larry is absent from the dinner party, but Harry goes with the girl he likes. They all get to talking about why Larry isn’t there. Harry says that he is in a hot dog eating contest and that he couldn’t come. Cassie asks him if it’s the same one he is doing, and he says yes. Cassie then says that they should all go and watch Larry and Harry in the contest, and they agree to do that.

   While Larry brought the items to Freddy, Cheryl and Maria recorded her tape for the Hulu executives. While the tape is rolling, Maria starts to read her lines like normal. Then she confronts Cheryl about the jacket, and then violently attacks her. The camera captures all of this.

   The next morning Larry and Jeff show the Hulu executives the tape. They said that they loved it since “You could really believe that she got her jacket stolen.” Larry responds by saying, “No really she did get her jacket stolen. She is completely nuts,” and the Hulu executives laugh it off and approve of Maria being in the show. 

   The episode ends with the hot dog eating contest actually happening. The closing shot shows Larry and Harry eating hot dogs.

   This episode was very funny, and the stories in the episode were some of my favorites from the series. The dinner party scene was my favorite and reminded me of the older episodes where Larry just made fun of everyone that he saw.

   Episode four will premiere on November 14 at 10:30 EST / 9:30 CST on HBO and will stream concurrently on HBO Max.