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Being late for school shouldn’t result in detention

Layla Armstrong
Mr. Bryce Thomas submits a lunch detention to a student. (Photo illustration)

   You wake up, try to get in the shower but there is only one bathroom and your sibling is already in it so you have to wait. While waiting, you realize that your guardian hasn’t even woken up yet. You have to go and wake them up. After doing so the bathroom is finally free.  You take a shower and brush your teeth. Finally done getting dressed. Your guardian has just gotten in the bathroom. It’s 7:30. You live about 10 minutes away. If you want to be on time, it will be best to leave at 7:45, and that’s when your  guardian finally gets out of the bathroom. By the time they’re dressed it’s about 7:50. You rush to get to school, and of course the light is red. By the time you get to school it’s 8:06. You have to be in class by 8:10. You think you might be able to make it on time until you go through the EVOLV system (metal detectors). It beeps. You have to get searched. After you get cleared, you make it to your first-hour class, but the door is locked, and you need to go get a pass.

   You go to your academy office. 

   The result? A tardy pass and a lunch detention, to be served that day.

   The tardy system should be changed or evolved into something more forgiving and lenient. If you are late just one time you have to go and get lunch detention. I don’t see how that’s fair for anybody. 

    Some, if not most students, can’t control how and when they get to school, and I don’t think they should be penalized for their guardians’ lateness. This can only go to the people who get to school by a vehicle other than the bus the school provides. If the bus is late they will give you a pass so you are not considered late, meaning you won’t have to get a lunch detention. 

   This does not extend to when you are in-between classes. When they are in between classes students are completely accountable for their tardiness. I think they do need to go and get a pass, but I don’t think that it should be an outright lunch detention.

   If you get a lunch detention often that can result in getting an in school suspension, since lunch detentions are given often I can suspect that a lot of people have gotten in school suspension. 

    I think we should have a system in place where there are only so many times you can be late before you get lunch detention. For example if you are late five times to your first hour the sixth time you’re late you will get a lunch detention and if you are late to your classes three times the fourth time you will get a lunch detention. 

   This system would be way more forgiving to students and parents. It would also lessen the amount of people who get lunch detention or in school suspension.

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