Student Council strives to spark Viking school spirit


Student Council members Shayla Bonnett, Abby Foster, Azelia Hinton and Martez Lockhart distribute treat bags to teachers to give to their children.

   Although this school year has looked different in many ways, school spirit is the one thing that has not changed. Student Council members believe that Viking school spirit has always been a much-needed school necessity, but this year, it is crucial that students take pride in their school. From organizing dances and spirit weeks to giving teachers free lunches, Student Council members have worked hard to keep Viking pride alive. 

   Elections for the student council positions took place in November. There are three positions for each grade level: president, vice-president, and secretary. The majority of the candidates this year have all had experience being on a student council board before, and they hope that their prior knowledge will aid them.

   “I wanted to run for Class President because I was secretary last year,” said Sadie Gross, Junior Class President. “I felt that I could use my prior knowledge about the position to help our class in lots of different ways.” 

   Student Council members are hoping that this school year runs as smoothly as it has in previous years. When school began, there was a divide between in-person students and full-time remote students, but the members of the student council wanted to make every student, no matter where they are, feel included and seen within the school.

   “I plan to give all students online and in-person the same options and opportunities,” said Trinity Miller, Sophomore Class President. “When I was campaigning this year, I emailed my teachers asking can I post my posters online, so the full-time remote students were just as informed as the in-person students were. Whether in-person or online, this decision would impact everyone and they needed to be informed when making it. I will make sure this year that no one is left out.”

   The student council has made it their goal to keep everyone included no matter the circumstances, but they want to do it in the safest ways possible. 

   “I think that the combination of in-person and remote students is a good thing,” said Azelia Hinton. “They can each contribute contrasting ideas due to the different work environments.”

   Due to COVID-19, many restrictions and guidelines need to be followed in order to have any safe school events.

   “We are trying to plan events where everyone can stay safe but still have fun and participate,” said Ms. Alma Tapia, the student council advisor. “Student Council has a lot of great ideas that we are hoping we can make happen this year.”

   One such idea was approved and went into effect before winter break.

 “This is why we are doing the holiday spirit week,” said Sadie Gross. “It is a safe and easy way to get everyone to participate and show their school pride while also following the COVID-19 guidelines!”

   The council members all have one vision for this school year, and that is unity. They want students to stay together and rely on each other during these trying times. They have come together during this pandemic to try and make life more normal for everyone. They are putting in immense effort to make this year amazing and just as fun as any other year. This year might have been filled with unspeakable, unthought-of, and devastating events, but students and staff can all seek solace within each other; that is what the student council is trying to achieve. 

   “I am sure I will make a difference while holding this position this year,” said Miller. “I have made it my mission to improve Guilford while I am class president.”


Below is the list of student council board members this year:

Student Council Senior President: Azelia Hinton

Student Council Senior Vice President: Mekhi Williams

Student Council Senior Secretary: Martez Lockhart


Student Council Junior President: Sadie Gross

Student Council Junior Vice President: Kaisa Swanson

Student Council Junior Secretary: Abigail Foster


Student Council Sophomore President: Trinity Miller

Student Council Sophomore Vice President: Shaila Bonnet

Student Council Sophomore Secretary: Anthony Holmertz


Student Council Freshman President: Saja Razick

Student Council Freshman Vice President: Autumn Carlson

Student Council Freshman Secretary: Valerie Carrillo