Trump campaign sues Michigan over voter fraud claims


LANSING – Incumbent President Donald Trump’s campaign office sued the State of Michigan on Wednesday to block the state from confirming last week’s election votes. According to a complaint filed in a federal court in western Michigan, many people have submitted complaints about misconduct in the voting process. The accusations are the same to those raised by the Trump campaign. Jake Rollow, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of State, in a statement said the Trump campaign was promoting false claims to erode public confidence in Michigan’s elections. “It does not change the truth: Michigan’s elections were conducted fairly, securely, transparently, and the results are an accurate reflection of the will of the people,” Rollow said. Mr. Trump has refused to surrender to Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden and has claimed that Mr. Biden won because of widespread election fraud.


(Compiled from Reuters for the Guilford Voyager by Hailey Skaggs, original reporting by Reuters Staff)