The Sexualization of Santa Baby

   “Santa Baby” is a popular Christmas song that was originally recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953. The most popular cover of the track was done by Ariana Grande, which features Elizabeth Gillies and is sung in the same sultry way; however, it’s more fast-paced than the original. “Santa Baby” has fallen under controversy due to its implied sexual lyrics and sultry tone. 

   In our opinion, “Santa Baby” is indeed a sexual song when you consider its lyrics. The lyrics “Been an awful good girl” gives the song a new meaning and refers to the naughty and nice list, which is a common reference to Santa, although these lyrics clearly send a different message.

   Another set of sexual sounding lyrics are, “Think of all the fun I’ve missed.” The “fun” the singer is missing is considerably sexual being that the singer follows those lyrics up by, “Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed.” These lyrics allude to a more sexual nature of the song because the “fun” mentioned is followed up by kissing.

   The singer missed the “fun” because they wanted to be on the nice list, which is explained more by the following lyrics, “Next year I could be just as good, if you’ll check off my Christmas list.”  Considering that the singer refers to Santa as “Santa Baby” throughout the entire song in a sultry tone suggests that there is a different message that is meant to be heard.