Modern Day Rap and Hip-Hop: Improvements Through Technology

Rap Music Point-Counterpoint


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Miles Hutto, Reporter

The time periods of musical events is an everlasting factor that cannot be ignored as topics of debate in America are brought up into politics and our day to day lives. Arguing that a certain musical style is better than that of another is heavily biased and hard to support with evidence. However, when the time periods of musical genres such as rap and hip-hop are brought up, the decades that they grew in were instrumental in the style of the music that was generated at the time.

  The music from the 1990s is simpler than modern day rap and hip-hop, and music in general. One of the huge differences in the 90’s and modern day rap is how much technology  has become involved in its success. The production is more complex, efficient, and accessible to different people than it was in the nineties. For instance, when you go to a school dance in 2018, you are more likely to have the room shake with music by artists like Post Malone or Cardi B. They produce more recent technological backdrops with a low bass alongside fast lyrics and ad-libs, as well edited audio effects. The music in a dance in the 90’s probably would not have been so complex as it is today, although some older songs are still played and appreciated today in these school events (although very rarely).

  We now have newer, more efficient ways of generating music. As time has progressed, more members of different cultures place their roots behind a particular musical  upbringing. More and more people are gaining access to musical apps and products that they never had access to before because society is continually growing with more ideas and ways of going about things. This is reminiscent of why music in the modern day has become improved in complexity as well as diversity. Take, for example, someone like Eminem. During his childhood and young adult career, he could barely support himself, yet he still found a place in alternative hip hop and rap using his access to small things that gave him the opportunity to create. He soon found a world of opportunity that changed his life and the many others who heard his music. In modern times, all it takes is an app on a phone to produce a beat, without the costs of the many instruments and support of others to do so as it often was in the nineties, as smart phones were only just starting to become popular and affordable amongst the American population.

   Musical genres like rap and hip-hop especially rely on edited effects with technology to produce a successful song or album, so having an improved system with advanced technology now as opposed to the 1990s would imply that modern day rap and hip-hop have changed for the better, and will continue to do so as the decades move forward.