School Security: Technology needs updating


Seth Monteleone, Reporter

School security is a crucial element in all schools that needs to be handled with care, yet most schools lack the protocols and equipment necessary to keep students safe. Guilford High School has implemented its own security and safety measures, but do they meet the requirements to protect students in an emergency situation?
“I believe that our security needs to constantly evolve, and I think we have begun, but I think we have a long way to go,” said Mr. Rick Elston, World History teacher, “I generally feel safe because of the staff and students, but I do think we have some vulnerabilities security wise.”
Mr. Elston enumerated some of the weaknesses in our security systems such as the outdated camera systems and how many of the entrances are not patrolled at the school. Both of these could be potential safety hazards for our students in the event of a school shooting.
Many things can be done to remedy these problems. For example, we could replace the cameras with state-of-the-art surveillance systems and possibly set up another security desk at the student entrance in the fieldhouse to check students in and out. This alternative would be much safer than students letting each other in.
In addition, Guilford has implemented their own variation of a system known as “see something, say something,” whereby students are encouraged to report suspicious activity they see in school, outside of school, or on social media. This strategy has proved perhaps most effective in stopping attacks before they occur, thus preserving life and limb.
“We have a Crime Stoppers Anonymous number which people can obviously remain anonymous if they want to call it or send a text message,” said Mr. Russell Vanderheiden, EMITT Academy Principal. “Beyond that, anybody can come and report anything to a teacher or police officer at any time.”
The idea of arming teachers within the school was brought up. It’s a topic that has been debated by several states. So far, only adapted by some school districts in Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Ohio.
“I worry about accidents because the more guns you have in a building statistically, the more likely it would be to have an accidental discharge.” said Mr. Elston. “Personally, as a teacher, I’d be extremely concerned with a student getting ahold of my gun.”
There are many things that can be implemented into our security systems to keep us safe: electromagnetic locks on doors, emergency call buttons, student key cards, etc. All of these advancements are meant to keep the students of Guilford High School safe. With school shootings on the rise, our safety is more of a priority now than ever.