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Where are the thanks for Thanksgiving?

Monika Patel, Reporter

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After Halloween is over, you would think that people would start getting ready for Thanksgiving, inviting family members over and getting ready for that big feast; however, some people go straight into Christmas decorating. People will buy their decorations and start putting them outside their houses, even though there are still almost two months until Christmas.

I consider decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving to be way too early. Thanksgiving is considered a national holiday, but it is almost like the fall holiday is ignored. Christmas decorations are amazing, but fall decorations are marvelous as well; the falling leaves, traditional scarecrows, fall wreaths, gigantic corn stalks, cornucopias, and pumpkins.

When you go shopping during Halloween and Christmas time, you usually see an entire section of Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations. Where are the fall/Thanksgiving decorations? They are usually displayed at the end of an aisle where people will almost never notice. Those who are enthusiastic about the fall holidays will buy decorations, but others don’t. It is almost like the holiday is completely overlooked.

It is true that Christmas is my most favorite holiday of the year because of the festive music, the bright lights, the amazing trees, and most importantly, all of the presents; but decorating for it two months prior makes it less exciting. Decorating too early decreases the joy of the anticipation of one of the greatest holidays. It is no longer a special part of the year or cherished as much because the holiday is stretched for two months and takes away the importance to the fall holidays.

It is also weird to have your Christmas tree on display during the Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is all about the fall season. Having your Christmas tree out and decorated while you’re carving the turkey tends to overpower the feelings of gratefulness. It is true that every holiday should be celebrated to the fullest extent, but it doesn’t mean that you should pay little attention to other holidays. Each holiday needs its own moment and should not be rushed simply because people prefer one holiday over the other.

Decorating too early takes away from Thanksgiving. If you are busy decorating for Christmas during Thanksgiving, then you are not able to celebrate the holiday as well as someone who is not decorating for Christmas. Christmas decorating should not start until after Thanksgiving. So stop decorating that Christmas tree and focus on that amazing Thanksgiving turkey.


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Where are the thanks for Thanksgiving?