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Crumbl Cookies rocks the Rockford dessert scene

Crumbl Cookie’s grand opening, November 10, 2023.

   On November 10th, our very own Rockford location of Crumbl cookies opened. To mark this opening, we give our hot take on the cookies that are taking the United States by a sugary storm. That might leave you thinking: Is Crumbl Cookie overhyped?

   From the vast selection of 170 cookies that Crumbl offers, we have selected 4 flavors. From Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Churro, Peach Pie, and Peanut Butter Cup, we have tried them all.

From left to right: Peanut Butter Cup, Peach Pie, Churro, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (Shan Non)

   Starting with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, this cookie was a spongy, fluffy cookie that looked indistinguishable from a chocolate chip cookie. 

   Bryson: I taste a cinnamony taste, and I am not sure if that’s what it is, but it is very strong

   There was a noticeable crust on the bottom of the cookie, but there was a consistent moist center throughout the cookie. 

   Shan: The texture is almost cake-like, because of how fluffy it was.

   Shan: After eating it, the cookie was chewy but it stuck to the roof of my mouth.

   Shan: At first I thought it was a chocolate chip cookie, but the fragrant pumpkin smell was hard to ignore.

   The next cookie we tried was the Churro, a cinnamon sugar-covered cookie topped with frosting. If Snickerdoodle cookies had a cousin, this would be it.

   This cookie was very crumbly and sugary.

    Shan: The crust-dough ratio was imbalanced as I saw there was a thicker crust.

    Bryson:The icing was very creamy and sweet.

   This next cookie was a nice change from the sugar coma the previous cookies gave us. This light, refreshing, and tart-like cookie was named Peach Pie for a reason. This cookie was topped with an airy and light jelly-like filling with peach pieces.

    Shan: The cookie itself was like a dry shortbread and there wasen’t much flavor to it.

    Bryson:The cookie was very refreshing and light, that I didn’t feel guilty for eating it.

    Shan: The peach pieces had a slight crunch, and they weren’t soggy.

   And then there was one last cookie to try, the Peanut Butter Cup Cookie. This chocolatey, nutty, drizzled-over cookie is a guilty indulgence for everyone.

    Bryson:This cookie had a strong peanut butter taste and liquidy topping.

    Shan: It was overall dry and had a crust thick with a chewy center. The peanut butter taste was overwhelming.

   Crumbl Cookies has a dedicated fan base, and their rotating weekly menu brings new options every week and brings people in. 

   Bryson: Of the cookies we tried, the Peach Pie cookie was the best. It was light and refreshing and wasn’t too oversweetened. But all of the cookies I think contributed to the overall experience. I think Crumbl is good to get on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. With that, Crumbl is a great addition to Rockford.

   Shan: Overall my experience was lower than my expectations. I’m surprised by the many flavors they offer. But it would not be something I crave or get on a weekly basis. My favorite cookie out of the four was the Peach pie, because of the fresh taste of the peaches. In my opinion, it’s something you should try yourself self least once. Crumble Cookie has brought more than just delicious cookies to the city of Rockford.

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