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Is Taylor Swift overrated?

Kaylee Sherman, sophomore, at a Taylor Swift concert on August 9, 2023, at the SoFi Stadium in California.

   Taylor Swift has one of the largest fan bases in the world, making her a huge influence on all age groups and society as a whole. She wasn’t born into fame and worked hard for what she has. You can see her grow throughout her career physically, mentally, and financially. The cherry on top is how driven she is to keep her fame, unlike some other celebrities who can come off as ungrateful or even disliking their lifestyle. Not only does she sing her songs live and perform, but she also re-released her music after writing it herself. Taylor’s fanbase is so large and involved that she can affect the economies of whole cities and it would do extreme damage if she decided to cancel a show. 

   However, opinions can differ largely. Not all people are fans of Swift’s repertoire. 

   “All her music is the same,” said Jaden Larsen, sophomore. “It’s repetitive.”

   Larsen was defending her point of view on Taylor’s music career. She believes that Taylor is majorly overrated. Some would argue that it’s not abnormal for artists to have similar music, but that’s not the truth for Taylor at all. She originally was a country singer, has dabbled in rap, and now sings pop. There’s also a wide variety of meanings behind her songs, not the same topic being spread in each one. 

   “She’s an amazing person and has done great things for the world,” said Kaylee Sherman, sophomore. “All of her songs carry an important (positive) message.” 

   Even people who believe Taylor is overrated still agree that she doesn’t use her power to cause harm to the world or other people. For example, she is very kind to her fans and other people in her field of work. She has donated her money to important things in communities such as schools and helping after natural disasters. 

   Opinions change for some when the topic is about going to one of her very popular, very expensive concerts, though. Resale ticket prices for a Swift concert can cost thousands of dollars. When non-swifties and swifties were both asked if they would go to a discounted concert, their responses weren’t all too different. 

   “A concert is a concert,” said Amber Chance, sophomore. “I’m going to have fun no matter who’s performing.” 

   “I’d go if it was full price,” said Kaylee Sherman, sophomore. “I love Taylor Swift and I have gone to her concert before when it was full price so of course I would go when it’s discounted.”

While Sherman is a very well known Swifty, and was expected to say she would go, Chance is not. She very openly thinks Taylor’s music is bland, basic  and not entertaining, so for her to say she would go to one of Taylor’s concerts may just prove there’s a bit of Swifty in everyone.

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