VikingPalooza returns after three year hiatus


   This year Guilford hosted their first talent show since 2020. Previous talent shows have gone well, with multiple people participating and performing. Why did they stop doing it? Why did they bring it back?

    “From my understanding, they stopped doing it because of Covid,” said Mr. Dominique Marshall, the Students Mentoring Support Professional who helped bring the talent show back. “I wanted to do it because it was something I did when I went here, so I just wanted to bring it back.”

   There were various reasons why people wanted to do the talent show. It’s a great way for people to express talents that they may not be able to show otherwise. These could include singing, dancing, playing instruments, and other things that students don’t usually have opportunities to show off.

   “It sounded really fun, my AP teacher told me that I should do it, and I had a talent. So I thought, why not show it?” said Ana Picchi, a freshman who sang in the talent show.

   The reasons why someone might have decided against doing the talent show had a large effect on the turnout. For lots of people thinking about doing the talent show, these things were something like just being nervous, a case of stage fright, or a lack of confidence.

   “I didn’t feel like my voice was good enough to be on stage,” said Abby Rabon, freshman.

   The talent show was a success, but many people were expecting a bigger turnout, for the crowd and the performers.

   “I was expecting more people to be there. More people working backstage, more people onstage, in the crowd, stuff like that,” said Picchi.

There were six acts in the talent show, with the jazz band opening and closing. People participated backstage, too.

   “I did expect more people, but I realized that when you bring something back you never know what you’re gonna get,” said Mr. Marshall.