Sophomores ceremoniously inducted into the four academies


Business Academy sophomore induction

 This year, sophomore students took part in the Sophomore Induction Ceremonies on September 20. These inductions were meant to help acclimate the students to their new academies. Each Academy had a different induction ceremony, and they all took place at different periods throughout the school day. 

   “Each Academy does theirs separately because they each do different activities,” said Ms. Sherri Ferguson, Business Academy assistant principal. “We do it different hours so that way we’re not all doing something at the same time.”

    The Business Academy students got to do a team building activity, which was to build a Rube Goldberg machine: a machine that accomplishes one simple task through a process of complicated steps. The students of the Production Academy got to go outside eighth hour and play games like cornhole and giant Jenga. The Health Academy, however, did not do an activity. They had the teachers introduce themselves, got their Academy shirts, and then left.

    “[W]e all sat in the chairs in the auditorium and then the teachers introduced themselves,”  said Allycia Snyder, Health Academy student. “Then we walked up to the stage and got our names checked off of the list, and got a t-shirt.”

   Students in every Academy got introduced to their teachers, and most students found that part of the program very beneficial. Regarding the activities, however, students gave mixed responses. 

    “I could see that it was supposed to be a team building activity, but I feel like there could have been better ones to do, since the activity was slightly harder and also required a lot of cooperation, as well as a lot of big groups,” said Zaria Williams, Business Academy student. 

   Administrators, on the other hand, were please to see students interacting with one another.

   “It appeared that everybody was participating and taking part in the activity and putting in their ideas, and so I feel like overall it went pretty well,” said Ms. Ferguson. “I don’t get a lot of feedback from the teachers so I don’t know how the students really responded.”

  Some students reported that it was difficult to react with other students they didn’t know.

   “It kind of felt like a waste of time, especially since I didn’t really know anyone, it was just kind of awkward,” said Reece Macias, Business Academy student. “The groups were really big and no one was really doing anything, and we didn’t even have time to finish it, we were just kinda rushing. I didn’t really like it that much.”

   Some students didn’t even get to go to the ceremony due to lack of information on the schedule.

   “We had a sub and he never told us to go,” said Micaiah Pelley, Health Academy student. “A lot of people ended up missing out on it because they weren’t clear about instructions.”

   Most sophomores agree that this could be a great tradition for Guilford, that is, if it was polished up a little bit. 

   “Maybe explain more about the teachers, and how they can help you and stuff like that, if you ever need help, so that way sophomores feel more included and ready to be in this Academy,” said Williams. 

   Williams mentions that the induction ceremony was meant to make sophomores feel more included in their Academy, and overall, like they were a more essential part of the Guilford student body.

   “I know I’m in the Academy because I have a lot of teachers who are from the business Academy, but I guess in a way I don’t have a full sense of place because I don’t know the people in my Academy that well,” said Williams. 

   Despite this response from students, it looks like the inductions will be back next year. 

   “Academies are the future in Rockford Public Schools, so the idea is that we are making it something of note that you are joining this Academy, that there is some importance and value placed into it,” said Mr. Sean Norton, Production Academy Assistant Principal. “I do believe that if we continue that path the expectation and the importance of it will rub off on people.”