Super Bowl LV Match-up: Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Kansas City Chiefs


   The last 17 weeks have been hectic in the world of football, but sadly it is coming to an end. With Super Bowl LV right around the corner, the season feels like it is ending quicker than it started. There have been many challenges faced, especially with the pandemic playing a major role in players’ health and the cancellation or postponement of some games. Nonetheless, these players have still given it their all, fighting for their position at this year’s Super Bowl. This year’s teams that will be making an appearance will be the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With Super Bowl Sunday in reach there are many questions posed about the teams’ upcoming performances.

   This will be the second Super Bowl the Bucs have been to since 2002. Having been to only one Super Bowl and winning it at that, is one standard that the Bucs will have to live up to if they plan on bringing home a win this year. The team’s win to loss record from previous years was concerning, but seeing as they were able to make a 180° turn within one season they may just surprise us. The team must be feeling stressed leading up to the Super Bowl this year with the pressure of going there and bringing home a much-needed win for their team. 

   The Bucs were also able to draft a great addition to their team this year: Tom Brady. This will be Brady’s tenth Super Bowl and the seventh ring he will win if the Bucs are able to pull through this year. Brady used to be the quarterback for the New England Patriots until he was drafted on March 20, 2020. He took the Patriots to the Super Bowl to win six times. This record he has created for himself will be a hard act to follow especially on a new team this year. Will he live up to the standards he set while on the Patriots? Will the pressure get to him at the Super Bowl? These questions will not get answered until Sunday, Feb 7 when he is on the field ready to either take his team to greatness and get his seventh ring or go home and try again before it is too late.

   The defending champions, with no surprise, have made it to the Super Bowl once again. The Chiefs had a good season this year with only 2 losses and 14 wins, and they were number one in their division. They kicked off the season with a 34-20 win against the Houston Texans. The Chiefs were staying light on their feet and never getting too comfortable in where they were score-wise. They were making great plays and they were always pressuring the Texans. However, will they be able to continue to work under the pressure of going back to the Super Bowl and defending their title? Or will they lose what they have been so dearly clutching onto all season?

   Both teams have a lot to work on before they are game day ready. If they focus on the task at hand as they have been, Super Bowl Sunday will be one for the books. As always, there is tremendous pressure on both teams and so far no one has cracked, but who will handle it better and come out victorious on Sunday, Feb 7?


Here is the current bracket of the NFL teams and where they stand: