Despite 263 new cases, positivity rate of COVID-19 drops to 18.4% in Rockford area


Image Credit: 13WREX

ROCKFORD – On Wednesday, the Winnebago County Health Department released statistics showing that there had been an additional 263 cases of the novel coronavirus reported on Wednesday this week alone. As of now, the positivity polling rate of the virus is 18.4% according to the WCHD. Deaths caused as a result of the coronavirus now number 203 in the region, however the  WCHD did note a 97.4% recovery rate amongst patients who were ill stricken by the disease.

Schools in the vicinity of Rockford have reported 714 confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst both the student and faculty population, with students leading the climb of new cases. 


(Compiled from 23WIFR for the Guilford Voyager by Aidan Benham, original reporting by Ben  Sefarbi)