Band, Orchestra, Choir make merry at Holiday Fine Arts Concert


Axel Wiggins & Bailey Sparks

Jazz Band relaxes between practicing songs.

   Filled with exceptional performances and catchy holiday tunes, the choir, orchestra, and the band left the crowd on their feet applauding at the Holiday Fine Arts Concert on December 11. Performers and audience members had a joyous time while multiple variations of classic festive songs were played and sang. 

   “My favorite part of the Holiday concert was watching the buddy choir perform,” said Maggie Thomas, sophomore. “They did an outstanding job and it’s nice to watch the students sing together and perform classic Christmas songs. It was also a very memorable moment watching the crowd’s confusion turn to smiling faces while we played ‘Wonderful Christmas time’ without a conductor.”

   Lots of preparation and practice goes into making this concert run smoothly. Students practiced for weeks before the concert, and even took their music home with them for some extra rehearsal time. They complete a number of run throughs of the entire concert before the big day. 

   “I believe that they did a great job of presenting all of the performers,” said Monica Lara, sophomore. “A couple songs were done without the conductor, and it brings an element of surprise into the concert. The concert was also well constructed and went along with the schedule, it was so festive and brought all of the hard working students together to perform.”

   Choir sang numerous times including performances by a girls choir, two blended with all members, male and female, and a special buddy choir. The performances had a great variety of holiday classics and new versions of Christmas songs. 

   “Overall, the Holiday concert went really well,” said Mrs. Olivia Mikulay, choir director. “Everyone performed at their highest potential. Choir was very prepared for this concert. The first performance this year, our choir classes had a lot of obstacles that they had to overcome. I was getting married, and so we had a lack of preparation time. It was just very complicated because of all of these setbacks, but when they walked out, the confidence was clear. I’m really proud of all performers.” 

   Jazz band as well as others, had an excellent performance, they played challenging and yet playful pieces that went along with the holiday theme. 

   “I enjoy jazz band because it’s a break from the super challenging trumpet pieces but it’s still difficult,” said Hayden Nickel, senior. “I believe the concert went really well and there were minimal mistakes and we all had a pretty great time before, during, and after the performance. All performers were really great.” 

   Bands One, Two, and Three also strived to perform well with weeks of practicing and rehearsals under their belt. 

   “Band One was a little more difficult this year,”  said Mr. Weston Brabeck, Jazz band and Band director. “It’s mostly all freshmen and they were a little nervous because it was their first ‘All Arts’ concert. It’s tricky because they’re all learning at different levels, For Band Two we decided to perform ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ without the director, and they worked extremely hard on that piece. Band Three also did very well; sadly, for many of them, it’s their last year so it was a great last holiday concert for them.”