Teachers and their children enjoy first ever fall festival


Owen Luenemann

Mr. Luke Anderson and son try their luck in a game of skill.

   This October, Somos Latinos held the first annual Fall Festival. Guilford Staff and families were invited to come and trick or treat in the halls, face paint, play games, and see where their parents work.

   “I think it was a great idea,” said Criminal Law Teacher Mr. Rose. “I got to see a lot of teachers after hours that I wouldn’t otherwise see.”

   The Fall Festival was thrown just for staff to come have fun and meet with their fellow teachers and their families. Alma Tapia, head of Somos Latinos and the Student Council, is to be thanked for this event, which cost around $400.The event also had food from Guanajuato supermarket that took up $300 of the funding.

   “We needed to get to know our teachers more and their families,” said Ms. Tapia. “I don’t think they really get to connect because they’re always busy working. So I thought it would be fun to throw something for them.”

   During the festival, many teachers used their rooms for fun games for the kids. Ms. Lojanica’s room hosted coloring stations and music from Disney’s Descendants. All of these rooms were decorated by different clubs from the school, including the boys and girls soccer team and Student Council.

   “My kids loved all the events,” said Mr. Rose, “but they definitely enjoyed pinning the leg on the skeleton the most.”

   Student Council also has a ton of events coming up for students and staff to enjoy. The projects they produce are open to everyone and are very interesting if looked into. 

   “Student Council is hoping to do a Dinner with Santa,” said Ms. Tapia. “Kids can come take pictures with Santa and enjoy a meal with him as well.”